Ombudsman Service

Ombudsman Service

The Macquarie University Student Ombudsman service has been established to review student grievances not  resolved using the University's usual procedures and processes.

The Ombudsman service is:

  • independent
  • neutral
  • impartial
  • confidential
  • informal

Please note that you need to have exhausted the established University complaints or appeals processes before making a Request for Assistance to the Macquarie Student Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman’s role

The Student Ombudsman:

  • tries to resolve student complaints where the available University appeal and dispute resolution processes have been exhausted
  • helps people develop new ways to solve problems themselves
  • identifies trends and issues in relation to student complaints
  • provides recommendations for responsibly addressing issues and concerns identified during inquiries
  • educates students, academics and administrators regarding procedures for resolution of complaints and grievances.

The Student Ombudsman does not:

  • conduct inquiries into a complaint until all other University grievance processes have been finished, unless there are extraordinary circumstances
  • make binding decisions or formally adjudicate issues
  • mandate policies
  • participate in any formal investigative or decision making procedures, including discrimination or harassment complaints.

Ombudsman’s profile

The University has engaged Rollo & Company Pty Ltd (ABN: 67 158 158 242) to provide the Student Ombudsman service. Fred Rollo is the company's authorised representative and acts as the Student Ombudsman.

Fred is a business adviser who has had considerable experience in professional businesses and academia.

For more than 20 years, Fred has lectured in the accounting, law and management disciplines at UWS School of Law, CQUniversity and ACU. Before taking up the Student Ombudsman's role, he was the senior academic manager at CQUniversity's Sydney Campus.

Fred is a full member of the International Ombudsman Association.

Contact the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is generally available by appointment in Building BD between 8am and 9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Urgent interviews at other times may be arranged via telephone or Skype.


Room 212
4 Research Park Drive (Building BD)
Adjacent to the University Hospital

Students who would like the Ombudsman to help resolve an issue by inquiry and exercising influence should complete a confidential request for assistance. This can be done by downloading, printing, completing and emailing or posting a hard copy request to the Ombudsman at the address above.

In an emergency, the Ombudsman may be contacted on 0421 010 926.

If you are in personal danger, you should call emergency services on 000.

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