The role of a HDR Mentor

The role of a HDR Mentor

An HDR mentor can play an important role in the academic, professional and social life in the research community by following the core values and ethics of Macquarie University.  

Academic Role: Although HDR Mentors are not to provide academic advice, they are most effective in sharing their academic journey and normalizing the HDR experience. HDR Mentors provide this via one to one peer support and also being active in creating and supporting different academic events to enhance the research community.

Profession role: Professional role of the HDR Mentors includes linking up the research community with  professional networks e.g. alumni, industries and global universities etc.

Social role: A HDR mentor can play a pivotal role in the development of social integrity and a sense of belonging to the wider scholarly community through creating and organising social events.

Under this there are certain responsibilities and boundaries as follows. You will:

Core values and ethics of Macquarie University:

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