MRes Mentors Profiles

MRes Mentors Profiles

MRes Mentors

Nuzhat Sharmin

Department: Marketing and Management
Faculty: Business and Economics

I am Nuzhat Sharmin from Bangladesh. I am Mres year 2 student from Business and Economics. Coming from the completely different educational system I finished my Mres year 1 successfully. Now looking forward to my final thesis. My topic is about entrepreneurship among university graduates in developing countries like Bangladesh where the graduate unemployment rate is very high.I have been working as a teaching assistant in my both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. I want to share my ‘brand new’ experience to all the new students. I am here to help you about work life and study life balance. Beside this all, I love to introduce with new people and friends.

Mojdeh Tavanayan

Department: Marketing and Management
Faculty: Business and Economics

I come from an Iranian heritage and am a mother of 3 boys and enjoy a very busy life. I completed my undergrad degree in Business with majoring in Marketing and Management through Monash university in Victoria in 2013 as a move to change my career.I am currently a second year MRES student and my area of interest is studying racism, media and its role in affecting racism and consequently, validity of diversity management at organizational level in today’s socio-political environment.I was awarded full academic scholarship for my MRES year 2 as I came within the top 5% of all MRES cohorts in 2016 and will be tutoring part time in FOBE in 2017. I contribute my results to have a balance between my work, life and study, utilizing time management skills. I will be happy to assist anyone regarding time management skills.

Jordan Heckendorf

Department: Modern History, Politics and International Relations

Faculty: Arts

I am a second year MRes student here at Macquarie University and I am researching a topic within Australian history. In fact, my topic touches upon multiple aspects of history, and it encompasses aspects of: economic history, social history, urban history and historical biography and intellectual history.My topic is on William Stanley Jevons’ time in New South Wales (1854-1859) during the Gold Rush period. He was here before his more famous older years, working in logic and economics, and was here assaying at the Sydney branch of the Royal Mint on Macquarie Street, Sydney. He was involved in quite a lot of his own self-directed scientific endeavours, outside of his own stipulated duties, and I am wondering (and writing about) how his time here affected his later work.That is a bit about me and what I am interested about, but overall, I want to do something to foster more of an academic community among postgraduate students. If I can be a ‘go-between’, and help cement together greater academic camaraderie among postgraduates, I will be a happy man! That is why I opted to become an HDR Mentor. I think it is a good way of building a more cohesive academic community that is conducive to the foundation of new knowledge.

Luke Burgin

Department: Ancient History

Luke B.

Faculty: Arts

I am a second year MRes Candidate in the Department of Ancient History within the Faculty of Arts. My research looks into the construction of dynasties and the creation of legitimacy in the Later Roman Empire with a focus on the Tetrarchy (AD 284-324). My topic will have a heavy focus on numismatics (study of coins) and the written evidence from antiquity.I want to help students who are as passionate about their topics as I am of mine. I can provide advice and assistance for a number of issues and can point in the right direction if I do not know the answer myself. I believe that is always better to ask for help than to go in blind.

Farah Fayyad

Faculty: Business and Management
Department: Marketing and Management

My name is Farah Fayyad. I am a second year MRes student at the Faculty of Business and Economics under the discipline of Management and Marketing. I chose to be a mentor because I am passionate about sharing information, skills, hacks, tips, do's & don'ts and experiences with new research students. As an active full time student and mother with a high distinction average and having being a previous lecturer, I've had my fair share of ups and downs in leading an active academic research career! Let's make the most of our experience at Macquarie by making the most of life throws at us! Sometimes we need someone to say "I've been there" and that can make the biggest difference!"

Lin Han

Masters of Research candidate
Department: Finance and Actuarial Science
Faculty: Business and Economics

I come from China. I got my Bachelor of Engineering degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology and a Master of Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Adelaide. Now I am doing my MRes year 2 research in Applied Finance in the Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, Faculty of Business and Economics.

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