HDR Mentors Alumni1

HDR Mentors Alumni1

HDR Mentors Alumni

Ian Loke

Department: Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
Faculty: Science & Engineering

Email: ian.loke@students.mq.edu.au

Ian is currently a 3rd year PhD student under the supervision of Dr Morten Thaysen-Andersen and Professor Nicki Packer. His work focuses heavily on the human immune system in the field of glycobiology, haematology and immunology. He has achieved several milestones in his PhD in the context of publications, conference presentations, grants and biosafety applications, both at a local and international level.  Importantly, he understands what a PhD student will encounter as one progress through his or her candidature at the university.  He strongly believes that his experience and knowledge will greatly contribute to the HDR mentor programme.

Serene Gwee