HDR Mentor Profile

HDR Mentor Profile

HDR Mentors Profile

HDR Mentors

Phillipa BellermorePhillipa Bellemore

Department: Sociology
Faculty: Arts
Email: phillipa.bellemore@students.mq.edu.au

I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology, Faculty of Arts and my office is in Y3A, Room 284. My PhD topic is refugee mentoring and its capacity to welcome refugees, build social capital and assist integration and settlement. I am passionate about mentoring and have worked on a number of refugee, staff, youth and children's' mentoring programs.

As one of the "pioneer" students of the MRes program I am keen to support and mentor students in HDR. I have been an HDR mentor since 2013. I believe that being actively part of a vibrant HDR community is important for scholarly, personal and professional development. While our journey as HDR students can be solitary and intense it doesn't need to be like that all of the time. Talking to a peer who understands is really important, particularly when things are stressful.

My Truong

Department: Linguistics
Faculty: Arts
Email: thi-my.truong@students.mq.edu.au

My name is My Truong, from Vietnam. I am doing my PhD at Linguistics Department. My research interest is teacher cognition, teacher professional development, and teacher research.

I have been formally engaged in HDR mentoring for nearly a year now, but longer informally. What initially drove me to this activity is simply my wish to pass on the kindness and support I received from others when I was a nervous freshman at Macquarie University; and what have kept me on this journey is also the gains that go far beyond my only investment of time. I gained, from free professional training workshops, invaluable communication and mentoring skills, which I can bring even to my family and friend relationships. I gained, from positive HRD students I mingled with, the positive feelings and philosophy that lift up the downs in my own research study. I gained, from various events, a network of congenial researchers, whose majors may differ from mine, but share similar thoughts and even difficulties. And much more...I don't think HRD mentoring is merely an extra-curricular activity that spices up my student life; it is an essential part of my HRD scholarship.

Nicole Miles

Department: Ancient History
Faculty: Arts
Email: nicole.miles@students.mq.edu.au

 I have been involved in HDR mentoring since it was just a concept and have been with the program since. I love being a mentor as it is a wonderful opportunity to "pay it forward" while at the same time "paying back". I really enjoy being able to help people and generally know that I can make a difference to someone who may be struggling with some aspect of student life. I also really love mentoring as it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with students and the MQU community in general. I get a real buzz when one of my mentees has a wonderful result with their studies and/or student life in general. I have been a mentor since 2011 and it has been a wonderfully rewarding journey. I hope the adventure continues for many more years to come. I have been fortunate to meet many fascinating people during my time as a mentor. It have had the chance to teach, learn, and share as a mentor and the experiences will stay with me for a lifetime.

Md Mohasinul Haque (MO)Mo

Department: Biological Sciences
Faculty: Science and engineering
Email: md-mohasinul.haque@students.mq.edu.au

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Biological sciences and my current research project is on the bias, gaps and sampling strategy in collecting biodiversity data.

I have found HDR mentoring is an ice breaker for me that has broken down the traditional lonely and isolating PhD journey through building up research network and community.

Grace Cheung

Department: Environmental Sciences