HDR Mentors: Mentoring Events

HDR Mentors: Mentoring Events

Mentoring Events


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PhD panel discussion: Thesis submission challenges and life after PhD

Clueless about how to go about planning your thesis? Wondering how to format your thesis? Confused about the examiners’ nominations process? Uncertain about what to expect in the final stages of your PhD? Then stay connected because HDR Mentors are planning to organise a panel of experienced PhD HDR Mentors from a variety of faculty who recently submitted their thesis; ready to address these questions and any other doubts you might have.

Date: October 18, 2019

Time: 2.30-4.30pm

Venue: 9 WW, Room 102


MRes year II panel discussion: Thesis submission challenges

HDR Mentors are organising a peer to peer interactive panel discussion for current MRes year 2 candidates on thesis submission challenges and how to overcome them.

Date: August 16, 2019

Time: 12.15-2.00 pm 

Venue: 75 Talavera, Continuum, Level 3

Organiser committee: Kath (chair), Chole, Jennifer, Mina and Olivia (Panel members)

Previous Events

MRes Year 2 Panel Discussion: Thesis Submission Challenge

Date: 24 August 2018

Time: 2.15pm-4.00pm

Venue: 75T 3. Continuum (Level 3, 75 Talvera)

MRes Y1 Panel Discussion 2018

To assist you with your Bphil/MRes Y1 journey, we have created a panel of MRes Mentors who will discuss important and relevant topics you - may face during your MRes first year.

Such topics include
Balancing coursework and research:
Finding time in Year 1 for both your coursework study and research thesis planning

Finding a supervisor and developing your research topic:
Finding an area of interest and narrowing it down to a Research Question can be tough, but if you find the right supervisor at the right time, you can handle this process much more easily.

Time management: life/study/work/ balance
Addressing how we to balance a full time study with our family life and work, by discussing effective strategies.
There will be a Q&A session
Come along and hear from those who have just experienced it! Bring along your own questions, concerns, and worries! This is a fun, exciting and open atmosphere for you to feel part of our community here at Macquarie. Bring along your fellow HDR friends! The more, the merrier!
This program aims to create a supportive environment where students can help each other normalize feelings and concerns about their adjustment. Our Mentors can offer their knowledge and share their student experience to create a fulfilling and enjoyable research community.

Date: Friday April 20th ,2018

Time: 12:30– 2:00 pm

Venue: 17WW Theatre 1

MRes Year 2 Panel Discussion: Thesis submission challenges 2017

Date:  10 August 2017

Time: 2.15-4.00pm

Venue : 75 Talavera Road, Level 3, Continuum

Facilitators: HDR Mentors

Panel Discussion: Submitting your Thesis with Confidence 2017

Date: 30 May 2017

Time: 12-2pm

Venue: 75 Talavera Road, Level 3, Continuum

Facilitators: HDR Mentors

Panel Discussion: Starting Your BPhil/MRes Journey 2017

Date: 4th April 2017

Time: 12.30 - 2.00pm

Venue: C5CT1 Theatre

Facilitators: MRes Mentors

Introducing MRes Mentoring Program at Central Commencement Program 2016

Date: February 22

Time: 2-3pm

Venue: Macquarie Theatre (W.24A)

Facilitators: Kim Tan, Head, HDR Mentors & Mo Haque, Project Assistant, HDR Mentors

Panel Discussion: Starting Your BPhil/MRes Journey 2016

Date: 31 March 2016

Time: 1 - 2.30pm

Venue: Australian Hearing Hub, Lecture Theatre (1.200)

Facilitators: MRes Mentors

MRes Year 2 Panel Discussion: Thesis submission Challenges 2016

Date:  4 August 2016

Time: 10-12

Venue : 75T3. Continuum Level 3 is at 75Talavera Road

Facilitators: HDR Mentors

Appreciation Day 2016

Date: 12 September 2016

Time: 6pm-8 pm

Venue: C5C 209

Facilitators: HDR Mentors

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