HDR Mentors: Community Outreach

HDR Mentors: Community Outreach

Current Community Outreach Events

National Student Volunteers Week

HDR Mentor "Adam Johnston" delivered a keynote speech on the importance of peer mentoring for HDR candidates in “National Student Volunteers Week"
at Macquarie University. This event was organised by Macquarie University
Student Engagement, Career and Employment service. Adam highlighted how
HDR mentoring program is helping to improve HDR students experience by
organising a range of events including social, academic and wellbeing events.

Date: 4.30-6pm

Time: August 15, 2019

Venue: Macquarie University

Previous Events

HDR Mentors Outreach Program: Lane Cove National Park Bush Care Project outreach

HDR Mentors aspire to make a difference to the community and environment. Check out our participation towards the Lane Cove National Park Bush Care Project!

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