Communicate your research with confidence

Communicate your research with confidence

HDR Mentors Presents: Communicate your research with confidence!

Date:     Wednesday, 12 October 2016
Time:    12-2pm
Venue:  Australian Hearing Hub (S2.6)

Pursuing a Higher degree research (PhD or MRes) can be scary and frustrating, juggling between research, publications, presentations, career planning, tutoring, mentoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is increasingly important to have the confidence in promoting oneself in order to network with other fellow researchers, potential future employer and the wider audience. This requires reaching out to a diverse crowd and communicating your research in a clear and confident manner.

Communicate your research with confidence! is an excellent platform, not only practice your presentation skills but also provide opportunities to interact with experts and other HDR students. Constructive feedbacks from learning skills advisors and fellow research students will further enhance your presentation skills and build your confidence in disseminating your research at Macquarie University and beyond.

If you are not presenting, you are most welcome to come along to listen, support, and network with fellow HDR students. You will never know that someone at the university could potentially assist you in your research journey! Besides, we are having a panel of 3 minute thesis winners and experienced presenters consisting of HDR Learning Skills advisors and Professional Skills expert to provide you with tips to ace that presentation for your upcoming conference or departmental talks! This is a great opportunity for you to build your research presentation skills and to broaden your scope and involvement in the research community at Macquarie University!

Objectives of this day:

1) To promote confidences in HDR students presenting their research to a multi-disciplinary audience
2) To provide a platform for HDR students to practise and hone their presentation skills
3) To enable constructive feedback to HDR students presenting and a learning session for all in the context of public speaking and presentation.

How do I sign up?There are 12 slots available for talks on this day. Please kindly send your expression of interest here by 3rd October 2016 with a title and short abstract (optional). Each participant is allocated a maximum of 5 minutes to present. Presentation slides must be ready and emailed to by 7 October 2016 for compiling purposes. Lunch is catered.

Chair of Event 

Ian Loke

Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
Science & Engineering
Email: ian.loke@students.

Chair (session 1) 

Serene Gwee

Biomedical Science
Medicine and Health Science

Chair (session 2) 

'Toosin Agbaje

Earth and Planetary Sciences
Science & Engineering

Committee & Marketing strategy

Khondker (Galib) B Mohiuddin

Marketing and Management
Business & Economics

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