HDR Research Writing Groups

HDR Research Writing Groups

Research Writing Groups

Participating in a Research Writing Group is an excellent way to improve your academic literacy, increase your ability to read critically and peer review, and keep motivated in your research writing.

Macquarie University hosts several Research Writing Groups (RWG) for HDR candidates of different interests and levels of experience. Each RWG is tailored to the needs of its members in terms of meeting frequency and duration, and group size and composition. Generally, they are facilitated initially by an HDR Learning Advisor, and later become self-sustaining. Participants of writing groups should be courteous, constructive and respectful in their feedback.

If you'd like to start or join a Research Writing Group with other HDR candidates in your department, email HDR Learning Skills.

Join an existing Research Writing Group

If you're interested in joining an existing RWG, please look through the list below to find an appropriate group.

  • Science RWG 1 (fortnightly on Mondays, 12-1pm)
  • Humanities RWG 1 (fortnightly, Tuesdays 10am-12pm) - full
  • Humanities RWG 2 (fortnightly, Tuesdays 1-3pm) - full
  • Humanities RWG 3 (fortnightly, Mondays 1-3pm)
  • Social Science RWG 1, (fortnightly on Mondays, 11am-1pm)
  • Social Science RWG 2, (fortnightly on Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm)
  • Social Science RWG 3, (fortnightly on Wednesdays, 10am-12pm)
  • Social Science RWG 4, (fortnightly on Wednesdays, 12pm-2pm)
  • Social Science RWG 5, (fortnightly on Fridays, 10am-12pm)
  • MQ Business School Thesis Writing Group 2 (fortnightly on Thursday afternoons)
  • MQ Business School Thesis Writing Group 3, (fortnightly on Friday afternoons)

To join one of these groups, please email hdrlearningskills@mq.edu.au with "Request to join a research writing group" as the subject line, and specifying which group you'd like to join in the body of your email.

Create your own Research Writing Group

If you're interested in convening your own writing group and would like to add your group details to this unit or put out a call for fellow HDR candidates, please send us an email.

If you are wish to create an off-campus online RWG, this link will provide you with a toolkit to setup and maintain your RWG. Also, information about HDR accountability groups can be found here.

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