HDR Industry Engagement and Placements

HDR Industry Engagement and Placements

HDR Industry Engagement & Placements

At Macquarie University we recognise that your research qualification can open many doors in your career.  We aim to support your career development by providing opportunities for candidates to engage in mentoring, internships and other industry exposure activities.

Any enquiries can be directed Catherine Ennis, HDR Industry Engagements & Placement via ProfDevHDR@mq.edu.au

PhD Candidates - Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS)

Macquarie University has engaged with the IMNIS program since 2017 under two streams, Med-Tech Pharma and Energy-Minerals.

What is IMNIS? 

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) is an award-winning industry-led initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. IMNIS connects motivated PhD candidates (mentees) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with outstanding high-level industry leaders (mentors) in a one-year industry mentoring program.

What does IMNIS aim to do?

  • Break down barriers and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration between industry and academia – increase workforce mobility
  • Extend professional networks
  • Students gain soft skills and get more informed about opportunities beyond academia
  • Future STEM leaders develop an understanding of research translation, innovation and commercialisation alongside basic research.

Which program streams are available? Which should I apply for? 

There are two programs, Med-Tech Pharma and Energy-Minerals. Applicants should have a strong interest in these industry sectors.   2nd year PhD candidates studying the relevant disciplines below are encouraged to apply:

Med-Tech Pharma


Life Sciences








Data Science

Computer Science



Earth Sciences Mathematics

Computer Science

Environmental Sciences


Data Science

How does IMNIS work?

Candidates are matched with a suitable mentor by IMNIS.  Candidates meet with their mentor once a month throughout the year and attend several IMNIS hosted networking events during this time.   

How much does it cost me?

If you are successful in being shortlisted there is a $200 fee associated with your engagement in the program.  Please speak to your supervisor and Faculty HDR staff for more information on funding opportunities that may be available to you.

When can I enrol?

The next opportunity for PhD candidates (2nd year candidates preferred) to enrol in the IMNIS program will be in 2020.  Candidates will be invited by email in March approximately to express interest in the program.  In the meantime you can have a look at the IMNIS website for answers to frequently answered questions.

PhD Candidates - APR Intern

Macquarie University works closely with the APR.Intern program which aims to support industry-based training of PhD research candidates in all Australian universities, to increase employability and broaden business and university collaborations.

This not-for-profit program is open to women and men with an emphasis on gender equity, domestic, regional, Indigenous and disadvantaged PhD candidates into STEM internships.

Along with their research skills, our PhD candidates bring perseverance, tenacity and logic to a project.

What internships can I apply for?

Candidates can apply directly for internships available on the APR Intern website.  Alternatively, they can be hosted by an existing Macquarie University relationship, they or their academic supervisor work closely with already.

Is it paid? 

Interns in the APR Intern program are paid.  The total cost of an APR.Intern project for the host industry organisation are laid out below:

  • $3,000 per month is received by the student as a stipend for the duration of the internship
  • $5,500 is paid to the Academic Mentor for their participation in the project
  • $5,500 is paid to APR.Intern for administration of the internship and case-management

Information for candidates https://aprintern.org.au/student-info/

Information for academic mentors https://aprintern.org.au/academic-mentors/

Information for industry partners https://aprintern.org.au/for-industry-partners/

Please note: Students who apply for an internship under APR Intern will need to complete the MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY HIGHER DEGREE RESEARCH CANDIDATE INDUSTRY INTERNSHIP/EXTERNAL FUNDING COVERSHEET

Master of Research/Bachelor of Philosophy Candidates

MRES7001 PACE in Research

Delivered in SESSION 2 (AUG-NOV) - 100 HRS Research Placement

The PACE for Research unit provides first year MRes students with the opportunity to undertake research as part of a research team or in community or industry settings.

In consultation with a partner organisation/research team leader, you will identify, design, manage and conduct a research project that aligns with the strategic priorities of that organisation/team. Your projects are overseen and guided by a host supervisor and supported through a series of academic seminars on campus. This unit aims to equip you with practical problem-solving and research skills, as well as insight into conducting research that involves a partner.  You will complete 100 hours working with your host organisation eventuating in delivery of a formal written project report.  There is also the opportunity to use the research conducted in this unit as the basis of your MRes thesis in the second year.

Who can take MRES7001? 

Students who are in their first year of Masters of Research or Bachelor of Philosophy can take this unit.

Further information can be found in the 2020 handbook or most recent unit guide.


MRES7001 Unit Convenor - Juliet Lum E: juliet.lum@mq.edu.au T:9850 4196

HDR Industry Engagement and Placements Manager – Catherine Ennis E:Catherine.ennis@mq.edu.au T: 9850 7821

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