Academic writing

Academic writing

Even for professional writers, academic writing and literacy can be challenging.

A great way to hone your academic literacy is by joining a Research Writing Group. Research Writing groups are made up of HDR candidates in your department. You can join or start a Research Writing Group by contacting HDR Learning Skills at

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

OWL is a great, independent site for brushing up on your grammar and improving your academic writing.

Academic communication

Academic literacy for research students (ALRS)

The Linguistics Department offers a web-based course in Academic literacy for research students (ALRS). While the focus is on Human Sciences, the content is open to all HDR students across the University. Each module involves a discussion of academic writing and examples, followed by a text analysis task. ALRS modules include:

  • Module 1: Writing a thesis proposal
  • Module 2: Writing a Literature Review
  • Module 3: Writing a Research Article
  • Module 4: Expressing Your Voice
  • Module 5: Stance: Interacting with your readers
  • Module 6: Organising an argument: The role of topic sentences
  • Module 7: Constructing cohesive and coherent paragraphs
  • Module 8: Inductive and deductive organisation of arguments

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If you have any problems, please contact Jean Brick.

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