Academic writing

Academic writing

Even for professional writers, academic writing and literacy can be challenging.

A great way to hone your academic literacy is by joining a Research Writing Group. Research Writing groups are made up of HDR candidates in your faculty/department. You can join or start a Research Writing Group by contacting HDR Learning Skills at

For additional Research Support, head to the HDR Learning Skills page.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

OWL is a great, independent site for brushing up on your grammar and improving your academic writing.

Academic Literacy for Research Students (ALRS)

The Linguistics Department offers a web-based course in Academic literacy for research students (ALRS). While the focus is on Human Sciences, the content is open to all HDR students across the University. Each module involves a discussion of academic writing and examples, followed by a text analysis task. ALRS modules include:

  • Module 1: Writing a thesis proposal
  • Module 2: Writing a Literature Review
  • Module 3: Writing a Research Article
  • Module 4: Expressing Your Voice
  • Module 5: Stance: Interacting with your readers
  • Module 6: Organising an argument: The role of topic sentences
  • Module 7: Constructing cohesive and coherent paragraphs
  • Module 8: Inductive and deductive organisation of arguments

Self-enrol with your OneID now.

If you have any problems, please contact Jean Brick.


StudyWISE is the University’s academic literacies iLearn space. Students can find materials they need to solve specific assignment-related questions or build their reading, writing and other academic skills.

Structure and topics

The landing page is designed so that users can see all the topics and select the pages they need. Resources are organised into five sections:

  1. Uni basics: Get ready to learn
  2. Key skills: Read, think, argue and write
  3. Steps in the assignment process
  4. Assignments and exams, including example assignments in different disciplines
  5. English language resources

Students can select some or all sections of StudyWISE to support them when needed. There is no need to work through the resources in order.

Access and enrolment

New students are automatically enrolled into StudyWISE and will find it on their iLearn homepage under 'Student Support: Skill Building and Help Resources'.

If you cannot find it, you can self-enrol using your OneID and password.

The Academic Integrity Module

The Academic Integrity Module for Students is an iLearn resource created by Learning Skills to help you learn about:

  • What ‘academic integrity’ is and why it's important
  • Acceptable and unacceptable academic behaviours at university
  • What plagiarism is and key strategies to avoid it
  • Your responsibilities in relation to academic integrity and your rights under the Macquarie University Academic Integrity Policy.

Once you enrol in the Academic Integrity Module for Students, you can access it from your iLearn course list under the category 'Skill Building and Help Resources'.

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