TEST SITE FOR Changes to candidature

TEST SITE FOR Changes to candidature

Candidates are enrolled at the commencement of research candidature and remain continuously enrolled until their expected work submission date or thesis submission. Enrolment may be paused or ceased due to an approved Leave of Absence being undertaken or a failure to pay tuition fees (if applicable).

If you wish to make a change to your candidature you are required to complete the relevant form. Your requests must be approved by your faculty and submitted to HDRO for further approval. HDRO will advise you in writing of the outcome of your request.

International candidates

International candidates must notify the University of any planned leave or withdrawal as soon as possible. The University is required by the Australian Government to inform the Department of Education and Training of any changes to enrolment within 14 days.

Extensions, leave and withdrawals


Candidates who have reached or exceeded the maximum standard candidature period for their research program are classified as out-of-time (OOT). Your enrolment will cease and access to university facilities, faculty research facilities and supervisory support will not be available.

Out-of-Time candidates may formally apply for approval in order to be re-enrolled by filling out the Extension of Out-of-time Candidature (EXTN) form. The application will require the support of your principal supervisor, Head of Department and Faculty Associate Dean (HDR). If no further extensions are available, a candidate will need to withdraw.


A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a period of non-enrolment in which your supervision, access to University facilities and scholarship payments, if applicable, are suspended.

You will be automatically re-enrolled when leave ends, subject to any outstanding fees. Applications are reserved for exceptional circumstances beyond a candidate's control and must be supported by your Principal Supervisor, Head of Department and Faculty Associate Dean (HDR). Such reasons include illness, maternity, or family responsibilities.

Candidates applying for LOA should consider the potential loss in momentum and delay in progress. LOA is only permitted for periods between eight weeks and six months however may not be granted in the first twelve months of candidature. Total accumulate leave is limited to a maximum of 12 months across an entire candidature.

Supporting documentation must be provided to support the leave application, such as a medical certificate.

To apply for a LOA, complete the Leave of Absence/Suspension of Award (LOA/SOA) Form.

Withdrawal from candidature

Withdrawal from candidature is a complete discontinuation of studies. If you wish to withdraw, you should first consult your principal supervisor, the Faculty HDR Manager and the Department.

If you still wish to withdraw from your degree, you must formally notify the University by completing the Change of Program (COP) form. Scholarship holders must notify HDRO in writing of their withdrawal from their scholarship as well as completing the Change of Program form. Failure to submit a Change of Program form will result in your candidature continuing, thereby impacting tuition fees and any future enrolment tenure.

Under the Higher Degree Research Rules, Clause 12 (2), the candidate may apply to be re-admitted for submission of their thesis within 2 years of withdrawal. Re-enrolling candidates may be charged tuition fees.


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