Commencement program

Commencement program

New candidates in research degrees must complete two Commencement Programs in their first year of study: a University-wide introduction called the “Central Commencement Program” (CCP), and a Faculty-specific “Faculty Commencement Program” (FCP). MRes students have a separate CCP.

For International Students, additional Orientation programs are run to help get you acquainted with studying in Australia and life at Macquarie.

Central Commencement Program

The Central Commencement Program is a compulsory program run for all HDR Candidates and is completed online. The information below is for the Online CCP for HDR Candidates only, the MRes Online CCP will be available early 2019.

New HDR Candidates are invited to attend the Dean's Welcome, held early in each semester. Information about this event can be found here.

How to access the Central Commencement Program Online (HDR Students Only).

The HDR CCP Online is currently available. You need to be an enrolled HDR Candidate to access the iLearn Unit.

To complete the CCP Online:

  1. Click on the following link: Central Commencement Program Online For HDR Candidates
  2. Enter your student OneID username (MQ followed by your student number, eg. MQ12345678) and password to log in to iLearn.
  3. Enter the enrolment key hdrccp.
  4. Once enrolled, you can access the CCP Online at any time through the Online Units link on the Student Portal of the Macquarie University website.

If you have forgotten your OneID password or are having difficulties login on to iLearn, please contact:

Tel: (02) 9850 HELP (4357) or Freecall: 1800 063 191

If you have any questions relating to the CCP online program please email

How to access the Central Commencement Program Online (MRes Students Only).

The MRes CCP iLearn page is currently under construction.Information will be available shortly. Please do not complete the HDR CCP in the interim.

Faculty Commencement Program

Faculty programs run separately from the CCP and vary by faculty, involving a face-to-face or online program. Most are run twice a year.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts Commencement Program for PhD and MPhil provides a welcome to new research students and those who have not had the opportunity to attended previous orientations. You will be introduced to the services available to you within the Faculty of Arts and the HDR directors, as well as having a chance to mingle with fellow candidates from across the University. The next Arts FCP is scheduled for:

  • Date: TBC
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: TBC

For BPhil/MRes Students, the Faculty of Arts hosts a ‘welcome’ to introduce you to both academic and administrative services, giving you a chance to meet your fellow candidates. For details, please contact

Faculty of Human Sciences

The Faculty of Human Science’s FCP can be completed in person or online and introduces candidates to key faculty, department and university staff. If you are unable to attend in person, email and we will provide you with the login and key to access iLearn. MRes students will be contacted with invitations to the MRes FCP.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

For details, please contact

Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering’s Commencement Program is a half-day event that introduces candidates to all faculty-specific info and resources, including OH&S requirements and how to obtain ethics clearance for your research. If you are unable to attend, contact

Department induction

Each department has its own induction program to help introduce you to your research colleagues, as well as key staff and resources that will assist you in your research. Please contact your department directly to arrange your induction.

Macquarie Business School

Commencement Day is a series of workshops and training sessions provided to give you and your supervisors important skills and information. It is also an opportunity to meet students and staff in a friendly environment. All new candidates must attend, while current HDR candidates and supervisors are encouraged to come along. MRes students will be notified by email as to the workshops they must attend.

International Orientation

Orientation programs provide students with valuable information in settling in Australia. New students have an opportunity to meet with other international research students and share their research project and interests with one another over morning tea. For more info, check out the previous Orientation Program and the Orientation presentation.

Six orientation sessions are held throughout the year. The details of the next orientation session are:

Date: Thursday, 20 June 2019
Time: 9.00am - 11.30am
Location: 7 Wally's Walk, 149 Briefing Room

If you are a new or current International Higher Degree Research student who has not yet attended an International Orientation Session, please register your attendance for the next session via the registration link.

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