Candidature Management

Candidature Management

During your degree, you may need to access resources or make changes to your candidature. Candidates are encouraged to review the information below and discuss matters relating to their candidature with their supervisor.

  • Action Plan

    A multi-year research project such as a PhD or MPhil is a huge undertaking. It’s important to develop an action plan to stay on track..

  • Annual Progress Report

    Completion of the APR is mandatory for all currently enrolled PhD and MPhil candidates. This includes students who have been asked to 'revise and resubmit' their thesis.

  • Confirmation of Candidature

    The Confirmation of Candidature is a process requiring candidates to develop a formal thesis proposal and present to a panel of experts.

  • Changes to Candidature

    Candidates wishing to make a change to thier candidature are encouraged to discuss the change with their supervisor before requesting the change.

  • Thesis Preparatation, Submission and Examination

    Before you submit your thesis, it is important to ensure you are following all content, presentation, formatting, length and binding requirements.

  • Questions?

    If you have any questions about your candidature, please contact the Office of Higher Degree Research Training and Partnerships.

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