Submission and beyond

Submission and beyond


PhD/MPhil submission guidelines

For doctoral degrees, four copies of the thesis are to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. Three thesis copies are required for a Masters degree examination. The thesis should be accompanied by the Author’s Consent Form and the Submission of a HDR Thesis for Examination Form

The Submission of a HDR Thesis for Examination form includes certification by the supervisor that: 

  • the thesis conforms to the requirements of the Master Degree by Research Rules or the Doctoral Degree Rules;
  • the length of the thesis conforms to the requirements prescribed by the Executive Dean of the Faculty;
  • any instances of inadequate presentation were pointed out to the candidate for correction before the thesis was bound;
  • the candidate has completed the approved program of advanced study and research;
  • the project has received Ethics approval, if required, with a copy of the approval letter attached.

The form is countersigned by the Executive Dean of the Faculty and a copy of the approval letter from the relevant Macquarie University Ethics Committee to conduct the research is to be attached.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to complete the submission process including details of documentation and to obtain the appropriate signatures. In cases where a supervisor is unable or unwilling to sign the certificate, the matter should be referred to the Faculty Associate Dean Higher Degree Research and then, if necessary, to the University Dean Higher Degree Research for resolution . 

Once the thesis is submitted, the research candidate is considered to be Under Examination (UX).

Policies and Guidelines

Higher Degree Research Thesis by Publication Guideline

Higher Degree Research Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination Policy / Procedure

MRes submission guidelines

When your thesis is complete and appropriately formatted, you must submit it to your Faculty via email along with the MRes Author's Consent Form and a MRes Thesis for Examination Form, signed by your supervisor and your faculty’s Executive Dean. 

If applicable, the Macquarie University Ethics Committee approval letter should also be attached. If your supervisor is unable or unwilling to sign the certificate, the matter should be referred to the Faculty’s Associate Dean of Higher Degree Research and then, if necessary, to the University Dean of Higher Degree Research for resolution.



Business& Economics


Human Sciences




Medicine and Health Sciences


Once your thesis is submitted, your candidature is considered to be Under Examination (UX).

Further information about the MRes Examination process can be found at MRes Examination FAQs.

International students

If you are an international student Visa holder, your visa expiry date will be checked by the University when you submit your thesis. If your visa is found to have more than 4 weeks’ validity, the Higher Degree Research Office will report the thesis submission to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). You are responsible for contacting DIBP regarding your change of visa status. If you wish to stay in Australia to wait for examination results, DIBP will need to be consulted. Contact DIBP directly for advice.

After submission


After your thesis is submitted and your examiners finalised, your thesis will be sent for examination. Each examiner is sent one copy of the thesis together with examination instructions, and a report form to be completed and returned within two months of receipt of the thesis.

Delayed examination

If examiners have not returned their report after six weeks, an email reminder will be sent. If no report from an examiner has been received after eight weeks, a letter is sent advising of a date by which the report is expected, usually two weeks from the date of the letter. If no report is received by the given date, the University may appoint a replacement examiner. Candidates and supervisors should not contact examiners.

Changes and resubmission


Following examination, you may be advised on changes to make to your thesis before your final submission. Your thesis mark is awarded pending these changes. Once you have completed your changes, you can prepare final submission with HDRO. Note that this is different to needing to revise and resubmit your thesis.


In some cases, you may be advised to revise and resubmit your thesis for re-examination. During re-examination, examiners are requested to determine whether or not the revised thesis now meets the requirements of the degree as specified.

Revision of your thesis requires you to re-enrol and pay any required fees. Your enrolment period will normally begin within three months of the decision for you to revise and re-submit. The Higher Degree Research Office will retain one copy of your original thesis.

Before submitting a revised thesis for re-examination, you must seek approval from the Dean of your Faculty. The thesis plus accompanying documentation will require approval from the Research and Research Training Committee.

For re-submission, you’ll need to submit four copies in accordance with the relevant submission requirements. Re-submission must occur within one year from the date of the decision for revision. You must also include documentation that addresses the matters raised in your initial examination. This documentation must not be examiner-specific.

If you do not complete your re-submission in the determined time-frame, you will be deemed to have failed the requirements for the award of your degree.

An invitation will be sent to initial examiners to re-examine your thesis. You should make no direct contact with your examiners – any contact you wish to make must be approved by the Research and Research Training Committee. If your initial examiners are unavailable, there may be new examiners appointed.

Re-examiners are allowed access to your unrevised thesis, along with all reports from the University and initial examiners (subject to privacy requirements).

If you fail to meet the requirements of the degree on re-examination, you cannot apply for further re-examination.

For further information about the resubmission process, see the Higher Degree Research Thesis Re-Examination Guideline

Final Submission

Once you have completed any required changes, you will need to submit hardbound copies of your thesis to HDRO. A digital copy of thesis accompanied by the required Digital Thesis Submission Form needs to be sent to the Library for inclusion in the Macquarie University Digital Theses Program.

Hardbound guidelines

Once the thesis has been examined and passed by the Research and Research Training Committee, three permanently bound copies must be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. One copy of the written component should be printed on non-recycled paper for retention in the Library. We recommend you make additional copies for yourself.

The spine of hardbound copies should state the title of the thesis (abbreviated if necessary), your family name, and the date of submission or re-submission. These details should be in gold lettering of suitable size. When published papers are submitted as additional evidence, they should be bound in the back of the thesis as an appendix. When they form part of the thesis body, they should be bound into the thesis itself.

Macquarie University Digital Theses Program

The Macquarie University Digital Theses Program is a collection of digital versions of Macquarie University Higher Degree Theses deposited by the Library. Records of the theses are included in MultiSearch in Macquarie University ResearchOnline. Thesis records are also available in Trove Australia, Google and Google Scholar.

All higher degree research candidates, including PhD, MPhil, MRes and Professional Doctorate candidates are required to submit a digital copy of their thesis together with a print version.

To submit, please complete the Digital Thesis Submission Form (rtf, 6mb) and submit your thesis to the HDRO exam teamYour thesis must be submitted as a PDF, DOC or RTF, with PDF being preferred. For multi-media theses, please contact your Research Librarian. Do not incorporate any security or access protection measures into the file as the Library may need to make minor formatting adjustments.

The Macquarie University Digital Theses Program gives your research greater potential readership, ensures your research is protected from destruction, and provides security through adherence to metadata standards and access rights.

Parts of your thesis may be subject to copyright. If you are concerned about copyright issues related to your thesis, check Macquarie's information on copyright, talk to Macquarie University's Copyright Coordinator or speak to your Research Librarian.


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