MRes examination FAQs

MRes examination FAQs

Thesis Submission

How is my thesis submission deadline calculated?

Your thesis submission deadline is also known as your expected work submission (EWS) date and this date may vary between candidates because it is based on the candidate's system enrolment date, whether full time or part time, whether there have been any interruptions such as Leave of Absence, or whether extensions have been approved. Generally for those who commenced the MRes Year 2 on the 1 January, the thesis will be due early-mid October. Candidates who commenced the MRes Year 2 on the 1 July will submit their thesis mid April. There are many variations such as part time candidature, mid-year start, changes between full and part time, leaves of absence, or extensions. The Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO) calculates the EWS for each candidate taking all variations into account.

How do I find out my Expected Work Submission date (EWS)?

Your EWS can be checked on eStudent. If you need help finding it, please contact your Faculty HDR team or HDRO. It is very important that you know your EWS as you will need to plan your research accordingly.

What format should I use for the thesis file?

You will be required to submit your thesis as a PDF file. Creative or other components of your thesis can be uploaded as separate files in the relevant sections in the HDR Thesis Examination Portal.

What is the naming convention for my thesis document?

The naming convention of your thesis should be as per the following example:

Student ID Last Name, Given Name MRES Thesis, example: 44556677 Doe, John MRES Thesis

Are there circumstances when a hard copy is required?

If one of your examiners requests a hard copy of your thesis for examination, you will be required to submit a copy with a temporary binding of a stitched and glued soft cover or in hard back form (spiral binding or a loose-leaf binder of the spring-type or screw-type is not acceptable). During binding the edges should be trimmed. You must arrange for this to arrive by the deadline on your EWS date. Late penalties apply.

What if I need an extension to EWS date?

If there are exceptional circumstances and you are unable to submit your thesis by the due date, you must complete the MRes EWS Extension form at least two weeks prior to the thesis submission deadline. Cases for "exceptional circumstances" are assessed by the delegate of the RRTC and it is up to the candidate and supervisor to provide an account of the unavoidable delays.

What happens if an issue arises and I can't submit my thesis on the expected work submission date?

If your thesis is submitted late, you will be penalised one percentage point from your final MRes thesis grade per calendar day. Submission will be taken as the date your thesis is submitted electronically via the HDR Thesis Examination Portal.

The university recognises that sometimes candidates are unable to complete work on time, due to illness or misadventure. If you submit your thesis late and have not been able to submit the MRes EWS Extension form, you must provide a written explanation to HDRO, via your Faculty HDR administration, as soon as possible. You must attach supporting documentary evidence. Normally, only evidence on the Disruption to Studies: Supporting Evidence Schedule will be accepted.

Thesis Examination

What happens during the examination phase?

Please refer to the HDR Thesis Preparation, Submission and Examination Policy for information about the MRes Examination Process.

Are there any rules about contact with my thesis examiners?

Under no circumstances will you or your supervisors have any contact with examiners, either in person or by any other means, between the time examiners are appointed and the time your result is decided. Any enquiries from examiners must be referred to HDRO or the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Higher Degree Research Training and Partnerships.

How am I notified of the thesis outcome?

As soon as your result has been decided, an official notification from HDRO will be sent to your student email address.

How long will examinations take before I hear the outcome from examiners?

The University will do its utmost to finalise your result quickly. If there are delays on the part of examiners, our Higher Degree Research Office has the responsibility for following them up. Candidates will receive notification of their results as soon as they are available. This could mean you may not receive news of your result when other candidates have heard. This is not cause for worry. You will receive news as soon as your results are finalised.

How long will I be given to make any corrections that are recommended by the examiners?

As with all research degrees, you may be asked to make corrections to your thesis before your award is confirmed. You will normally be given four weeks to complete these corrections, although an extension may be possible (written requests for extension should be addressed to The majority of research candidates need to make some corrections to their theses. You must make sure you are available to make these corrections. Your Corrections Report should be completed in the HDR Thesis Examination Portal.

How long will I be given if I am required to Revise and Resubmit my thesis?

If you are asked to Revise and Resubmit, you will be re-enrolled into the program and be given a period of three months to rewrite your thesis. You will then have to undergo the examination process again. If you are an international candidate, you will be liable to pay fees for the re-enrolled period until you resubmit your thesis for examination.

My thesis has changed and I now have a final version, do I need to submit a corrected "final" copy?

When thesis examination is completed, all candidates will submit a digital copy of the thesis. The final digital copy of their thesis should be forwarded to with the following form:

Digital Thesis Submission Form and Guideline

Where will my final version of the thesis be stored?

The digital thesis copy will be stored in Macquarie's Library collection and digital thesis repository.

Do I need to apply for admission to PhD?

Candidates who wish to be considered for admission to MPhil/PhD must contact the Faculty for further information on progression to a PhD.

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