My research program (HDR)

A Higher Degree Research (HDR) program at Macquarie is a pathway to a career as a researcher in both academia and industry. In addition to managing your candidature, it is important to know how to leverage your degree to enable you to reach your future goals.

Continuing your research: the benefits of a PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is for those with a passion for research. The PhD focuses on your ability to contribute knowledge to your field.

A PhD will equip you with the skills to:

  • Understand a topic deeply
  • Specialise your research
  • Think critically and independently, contributing to the development of knowledge
  • Commit to and complete a long-term project

Preparing your resume

If your research program application requires a resume, it is important to include all necessary academic information. Points to include are:

  • Degrees obtained
  • Academic prizes, scholarships and honors
  • Publications and conference presentations
  • University societies, clubs and research groups relevant to your research
  • Teaching experience relevant to your research
  • Professional experience relevant to your research
  • References or contacts related to your Academic ability (past supervisors, mentors or coordinators)

Important dates

1 January

First half year commences for HDR programs and MRes Year 2

25 January

Due date for first half year fees for all fee-paying continuing candidates. This includes all international fee-paying HDR and MRes candidates.

7 February

Census date for continuing HDR and MRes Year 2 candidates

25 February

Class commencement for Session 1 coursework units

8 March

Final Enrolment Date for Commencing Combined PhD/Master-Psychology candidates and MRes/BPhil Year 1 candidates

  • Commencement program

    New candidates in research degrees must complete two Commencement Programs in their first year of study: the Central Commencement Program, and a Faculty Commencement Program.

  • Manage my candidature

    During your degree, you may need to access resources or make changes to your enrolment.

  • Training support and tools

    We offer a number of support services to help you through your HDR candidature. Whether you are seeking a mentor, need to brush up on your grammar or want to learn how to better manage stress, we've got you covered.

  • Reporting

    During your candidature you will need to make a number of reports, the most notable being the Annual Progress Report.

  • Thesis preparation, submission and examination

    Before you submit your thesis, it is important to ensure you are following all content, presentation, formatting, length and binding requirements.

  • Feedback

    Macquarie University is committed to providing a strong and supportive research culture. We encourage feedback from HDR candidates regarding positive and challenging experiences.

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