An innovative graduate researcher development program unique to Macquarie

We offer a distinctive and integrated researcher development framework that supports graduate researchers to acquire and articulate those skills and capabilities they need to be the effective leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

The Graduate Research Academy (GRA) is offering graduate research students a distinctive Graduate Researcher Development Framework (GRDF), which complements Macquarie University's highly regarded research training program and supports your journey in acquiring and articulating transferable skills and capabilities.

All these elements combine to:

  • foster your academic success
  • equip you as a researcher ready for the global stage
  • enable a seamless transition to fulfil your career aspirations and beyond.

About the GRDF

Macquarie University’s GRDF skills taxonomy was developed to enable graduate researchers to adequately recognise key competencies valued in both academic and industry careers so that they are better able to appreciate, develop and articulate these to potential employers.

Within the framework there are four core skill domains:

Within these core domains are 30 skills that we believe will best prepare graduate researchers for the future.

The knowledge, skills and strategies to conceptualise, analyse and deliver fresh perspectives and creative solutions to global challenges.

Knowledge and research strategies
  • discipline knowledge
  • scholarly communication
  • research design and analysis
Innovation, creativity and discovery
  • analytical and critical thinking
  • creative thinking and problem solving
  • commercialisation and entrepreneuship
Digital and technology
  • digital literacies
  • data management
  • data sciences

The personal qualities to self-manage, build effective relationships, develop networks and target opportunities relevant to personal aspirations.

  • resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  • self-awareness and accountability
  • collaboration and managing relationships.
Career development
  • career management
  • liaising and networking
  • reputation and esteem.

The knowledge and skills to plan and execute ethical and sustainable projects with integrity and professionalism.

Project planning and delivery
  • research strategy and planning
  • management of financial and material resources
  • developing proposals to fund research
Responsible research
  • health, safety and sustainability
  • research integrity and ethics
  • data governance, IP and copyright

The leadership and communication skills to influence ideas, disseminate information and drive solutions to cultural, social and environmental challenges.

Communication and information exchange
  • publication
  • teaching and training
  • public communication or research.
Leadership and social influence
  • consilience/multidisciplinary engagement
  • impact and engagement
  • ethical leadership.
Global citizenship and civic responsibility
  • environmental awareness
  • equality and diversity
  • social and cultural awareness.

Graduate Researcher Development Program (GRDP)

The GRDP provides an integrated experience that allows you to plan and monitor your individualised skill development journey.