Connect with a peer mentor

The Graduate Research (GR) Peer Mentor program offers a range of opportunities to enhance your research experience at Macquarie.

Whether you are looking to connect with your fellow students or need assistance navigating university life, this program provides a supportive learning community during your studies.

The GR Peer Mentor program is a platform for research students to:

  • join a research community, reduce a sense of isolation, and increase the intellectual climate
  • develop peer level support and foster a scholarly community between MRes and PhD students
  • enhance the graduate researcher experience and promote feelings of belonging
  • create  networking opportunities between MRes, PhD students, faculty staff members, alumni and industry
  • join in the shared experiences of university life with fellow students

You will have the opportunity to meet and connect with the GR Peer Mentors by:

  • attending the monthly drop-in sessions
  • booking a one on one appointment here
  • attending Graduate Research Academy events

There are lots of rewarding reasons to be a peer mentor! Here are just a few:

  • Connect with peers beyond your faculty, department or lab group
  • Give back to your community by sharing your experience
  • Develop relationship and leadership skills and cultural awareness
  • Build networks for future opportunities
  • Access training opportunities, e.g. Mental Health First Aid, and leadership seminars


  • Join small social groups meeting together regularly
  • Participate in and/or contribute to GRA events
  • Learn about being a representative and the governance of graduate research at Macquarie

Contact us

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