Student conduct

Student conduct

Macquarie is committed to providing a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience to help you achieve your full academic potential. The Student Code of Conduct outlines your rights and responsibilities within Macquarie’s cultural and structural framework and explains in detail what happens when a complaint is made.

The Student Code of Conduct is supported by Student Discipline Rules and the expectation that all students share the responsibility for maintaining a safe, ethical, harmonious and tolerant environment.


Students are accountable for their misconduct. Any misconduct may be subject to disciplinary action by the University under its student disciplinary rules.

Code of conduct

It is a student’s responsibility to be familiar with this code of conduct and other behaviour standards required by the University.

Compliance with the code of conduct is binding on all students.

What are the sources of student conduct standards?

Macquarie has a range of policies, codes and procedures that govern student conduct.

What is student misconduct?

Misconduct is when a student breaches a University policy or regulation. There are two types of student misconduct: academic and general.

Academic misconduct is an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment by breaching the principles of the Academic Honesty Policy.

General misconduct is where a student or student organisation breaches principles in the Student Code of Conduct, or any other University regulation.

If a student is suspected of misconduct, they will be asked to attend a Hearing Committee meeting to determine if they have breached a policy, code or procedure.

How do I make a misconduct allegation to the University?

To make a general misconduct allegation, you will need to email it to and address it to ‘the Registrar’ in Government Services. The allegation will need to outline the alleged misconduct and include your contact details.

To make an academic misconduct allegation, you will need email it to your head of department. The allegation will need to outline the alleged misconduct and include your contact details. The University will not respond to anonymous allegations.

Need more info? See the Student Discipline Procedure

What happens if a misconduct allegation is made against me?

You will receive official correspondence outlining the nature of the alleged misconduct, the available supporting material and how the University intends to handle and resolve the matter.

All correspondence is sent to your official MQ student email account.

Student Advocacy and Support (02) 9850 7497 is available to provide independent support and assistance.
Need more info? See the Student Discipline Procedure.

Where can I obtain further information?

Student Advocacy and Support Service  is available to provide support and assistance.
Phone: +61 (02) 9850 7497

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