Macquarie University Mentors

Macquarie University Mentors

Whether you have just finished high school or TAFE, have joined us from overseas, or haven’t studied in a while, we know that starting at Macquarie can be a big step!

The Macquarie University Peer Mentors program is structured to help you with your transition to university. Your initial meeting with a Peer Mentor will be one-on-one, where you will have the chance to discuss your individual needs, questions and concerns about starting Macquarie. Your Peer Mentor will also introduce you to other students in the mentoring program. This will allow you to connect with your peers and help drive a successful start to university.

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How can a Peer Mentor help me?

Why do you need a Peer Mentor?

Macquarie University Peer Mentors are current students who are trained to support you as you take your first university steps. They have experienced what you're currently going through, so they know how you feel and are here to help you settle in.

A Peer Mentor can help new students:

  • Navigate the learning environment, processes and systems.
  • Meet new people and build your own networks at Macquarie.
  • Be informed and understand how to access support and services offered at Macquarie.
  • Find your way around Sydney, and the best places to shop, travel and explore.
  • Find answers to questions and feel empowered to succeed academically and socially.

Do you want to meet someone who knows their way around the university and Sydney?

Select a Peer Mentor! Don’t do it alone, we are here to help you.

How can I select a Peer Mentor?

Select your Mentor

Selection for Session 2, 2020 is now open via our Macquarie University Mentor Network.

If you have any questions regarding selecting a Peer Mentor or how the program is structured and how it can help you, please contact

I want to become a Peer Mentor

Benefits of becoming a Peer Mentor

If you’re a current student who’s studied at Macquarie for at least one session, why not volunteer with us as a Peer Mentor? Volunteering as a Macquarie University Peer Mentor is a great way to contribute to Macquarie’s community, have fun, and gain invaluable skills that will contribute to your employability.

With your personal experience as a student and the training you’ll receive, you’ll be able to answer most questions new students have about Macquarie University or appropriately refer them to someone who can. You’ll also be able to facilitate and lead small group activities to help new students meet each other and start forming their uni network.

Our hands-on training helps you develop essential soft skills that employers look for in graduates, such as:

  • Leading others
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Effectively working in a team
  • Communicating effectively with people from a diverse range of backgrounds

The program will also provide:

  • Comprehensive induction training, with a focus on mentoring.
  • Strengthening of communication skills, particularly in the online environment.
  • Deep working knowledge of university services and supports, and how to appropriately refer students these services.
  • Facilitate student community events and programs.
  • Access to exclusive networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Meet new people, make friends and network with Macquarie and industry professionals
  • Help new students transition to university and become part of our community.
  • Ongoing coaching and training opportunities.

When you complete our program, you’ll receive a Certificate of Service, be eligible for GLP (Global Leadership Program) points, and recognition on your AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement).

To volunteer with us, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Studied at Macquarie for at least one session/term
  • Plan to enrol in at least one unit in the next session/term
  • Passionate about enhancing the university experience for new students
  • Willing to commit to the mentoring role, and all required training, for the period of service (usually one session or two terms – approximately 5 months)
  • Engage and actively participate in compulsory events and activities.

Apply to be a Peer Mentor

Applications are now closed for Session 2, 2020. Fill out our expression of interest form and you will be notified when applications are open for the next session.

In the meantime, you can read the Peer Mentor Position Description.

I've been a Mentor. What else can I do?

Our program has two levels of volunteering:

  1. Our Peer Mentors who guide new students
  2. Our Peer Leaders that guide our Peer Mentors and run events and programs for the broader student community.

As a Peer Leader, you’ll bring your expertise as an experienced Peer Mentor and passion for capacity building and working with others. You’ll have access to exclusive professional development pathways and ongoing training, as well as significant input into our program design - in particular, the social events and training for our Peer Mentors.

Who can become a Peer Leader?

To become a Peer Leader, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Volunteered as a Macquarie University Mentor or Macquarie University Buddy for at least 1 session, or a current Macquarie University Mentor or Buddy.
  • Plan to enrol in at least one unit in the next session/term.
  • Be passionate about supporting and developing Peer Mentors in their role.
  • Willing to commit to the Leader role, and all required training, for the period of service (usually one session or two terms – approximately 5 months).
  • Contribute to the development and creation of the Peer Mentor program social activities and training materials.

Benefits of becoming a Peer Leader

Volunteering as a Macquarie University Peer Leader is a great way to contribute to a significant first year program for new students. You’ll build networks, develop leadership skills and gain invaluable experience that will enhance your employability.

With your personal experience as a previous volunteer and the training you’ll receive, you’ll be able to guide your small Peer Mentor team and provide ongoing coaching to assist in their development. You’ll also be able to create and implement small group activities (both online and offline) and learn to facilitate, delegate and evaluate performances of your team and success of events you’ll be responsible for.

Our hands-on training helps you develop critical professional skills that employers look for in graduates.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • leadership skills
  • presentation and public speaking skills
  • event management
  • team management
  • problem-solving abilities
  • effectively working in a team
  • communicating effectively with people from a diverse range of backgrounds

The program will also provide:

  • Comprehensive induction training, with a focus on coaching and facilitation
  • Strengthening of presentation and public speaking skills
  • Foundation to run engaging workshops and initiatives
  • Ability to develop and administer evaluation metrics
  • Upskilling in event management
  • Access to exclusive networking and professional development opportunities
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring
  • Training and development in the coaching and mentoring of others

Apply to be a Peer Leader

Applications are now closed for Session 2, 2020. Contact us on to find out when they'll open for next session.

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