Getting started

Welcome to Macquarie. You’ve chosen to study with one of the world’s best universities and we’re looking forward to helping you realise your potential. Now that you’re here we want to get you settled into the Macquarie way of studying. There’s a lot to you need to know so we’ve pulled together some priority tasks to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

  • Student conduct

    Macquarie is committed to providing a fulfilling and rewarding learning experience to help you achieve your full academic potential.

  • Student essentials

    We’ve rounded up the most important items and resources you will need as a new student on campus. Trust us – you won’t get very far without them!

  • Orientation

    Orientation is a celebration of your new journey at Macquarie and a showcase of our fun, vibrant and friendly community.

  • Macquarie University Mentors

    Macquarie University Mentors is a peer support program that provides support and guidance to new students at Macquarie University.

  • Career planning

    Developing a career plan helps you to define your future career path and take charge of your own advancement.

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