Get involved

Get involved

Become a mentor

A mentor helps new students to find their way through all the information, processes and systems that make up the College. They provide a friendly face for new students when they first arrive on campus, and help them meet new people throughout the term.

Who better to assist new students than those who have already experienced it first hand? That's where you come in.

Think back to your first week at the College. How did you feel? Excited? Nervous? Confused?

As a mentor, you will combine your own personal experience along with training provided to offer assistance and support to students who are in the same position as you once were.

Benefits of volunteering as a mentor:

  • grow your social network and meet new friends
  • opportunity for social and professional development
  • gain Global Leadership Program points (20 points)
  • attend the Mentor recognition night
  • receive a certificate of service to include in your portfolio
  • free volunteer shirt

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, submit your expressions of interest to with the subject 'EOI - MQ Mentors', contact or visit Macquarie's mentoring and volunteering pages.

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

Macquarie's Global Leadership Program is an extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie. It provides students with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their study experience and develop important leadership skills. 

The program has been designed so that students can learn global skills and understanding and then put them into practice by studying, volunteering and participating in activities in Australia and overseas. 

Students who successfully complete the GLP will receive a certificate of completion and a notation on their transcript. This is particularly important as it provides students a competitive edge in the global employment market.

If you are interested in the GLP program contact

Join the Buddy program

The Macquarie University Buddy program provides students with support and a point of contact to assist their transition into Macquarie.

It delivers ongoing social and geographic support to students through peer relationships. Supported by a group of buddy team leaders, the buddies act as a peer support network to provide new and ongoing students with a safe and supportive environment.

Events throughout the semester include airport pickups, campus tours, sightseeing and local tours and loads more social events and activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Buddy, submit your expressions of Interest to with the subject 'EOI – Buddy Program or contact

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