What are workshops?

Workshops are one hour classes which are designed to refresh and revise material. They are run by experienced staff who have an expertise in the topic area for that particular workshop. Regular workshops are run during semester for certain mathematics and statistics units (see workshop timetable). We also run workshops on demand when there is a need and welcome students to approach us if they and their fellow students need this extra service.

Regular Weekly Workshops

Workshops for all our first year mathematics units and a selection of statistics units are run weekly during semester, starting from week 3. These weekly workshops are run like a "mini-lecture" where the teacher revises and explains a topic, and works through examples. The topic for the workshop changes each week according to what is being covered in lectures for that unit. Workshops are free and designed to give students an extra boost to their study. We particularly recommend attending weekly workshops if you are struggling with some of the material that you are covering in your unit.

Workshop Times

You can download the workshop timetable for this semester using the link above. For a more detailed list of workshops topics please refer to the table below. The topics for weekly workshops are set one week before the event to allow for advertising in the relevant lectures.

Other Workshops

One-off workshops are run on demand when there is a need. In the past we have run refresher workshops on the Maths in Chemistry and the Statistics in Biology. We also run workshops for other situations such as the Lantite test. When these are running they will be listed in the table below.

Workshop Notes

Notes, handouts, and solutions from our unit specific workshops can now be found on our iLearn page. To gain access to the iLearn site for the Numeracy Centre use this link where you will be able to self enrol into the iLearn page. You will then be able to find the page under the student support tab of your iLearn homepage.

Workshops for Session 2, 2018

STAT 150Categorical Data & Exam PreparationWeek 13Thursday 9 -11 AMRoom: 14 SCO 100Jim
STAT 170Exam Preparation Tuesday 11 June10 - 11 AMRoom: 14 SCO T5Simon
MATH 130Exam Preparation Week 13Thursday 10 - 12 PMRoom: 14 ER 188Dilshara
MATH 135Exam PreparationTuesday 11 June9.30 AM - 11.30 AMRoom: 9 WW 102Dilshara
MATH 136Exam PreparationTuesday 11 June10 AM - 12 PMRoom: 14 SCO T2Joel
MATH 235Exam PreparationFriday 14 June2 - 4 PMRoom: 14 SCO T5Joshua
DMTH 237Exam PreparationFriday 14 June10 AM - 12 PMRoom: 9 WW 102Geoff
LANTITE Graphs, Tables & Statistics       Week 13    Tuesday 12 PM -1 PMRoom: 12 SW 307Merryn
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