Text for Bridging Courses

Text for Bridging Courses


Each Macquarie University Mathematical Skills (MUMS) module begins with a short diagnostic test (onetwo three and four). These tests should help you decide whether you need to work through entire modules, or just individual chapters. The documents below are in pdf: a small increase in magnification may be needed to display all formulae and graphics correctly. All suggestions and corrections are welcome.

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Please note: that when you access some chapters a zipped file will need to be downloaded. This is because the chapter has short videos attached to some examples. To view the chapter with videos, download and save the zipped file onto your computer, then unzip the file and click on the pdf inside. You will need to view the pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the videos.

We greatly appreciate your feedback on the videos.

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Module One

1.1 Order of Operations 1.6 Signed Numbers
1.2 Factorisation of Integers 1.7 Further Signed Numbers
1.3 Fractions 1.8 Power Laws
1.4 Fractions and Decimals 1.9 Introduction to Algebra
1.5 Percentages 1.10 Further Algebra

Module Two

2.1 Factors of Algebraic Expressions 2.6 Factorizing Algebraic Expressions
2.2 Solving Equations in One Variable 2.7 Logarithms and Exponentials
2.3 Algebraic Fractions 2.8 Introduction to Trigonometry
2.4 Introduction to Inequalities 2.9 Introduction to the Cartesian Plane
2.5 Arithmetic with Surds  

Module Three

3.1 Functions 3.6 Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
3.2 Graphs 3.7 Continuity and Limits
3.3 Trigonometry 3.8 Introduction to Differentiation
3.4 Further Trigonometry 3.9 Further Differentiation
3.5 Simultaneous Equations 3.10 Differentiating Special Functions

Module Four

4.1 More Differentiation 4.7 Modifying Functions
4.2 Introduction to Integration 4.8 Composite and Inverse Functions
4.3 Integrating Special Functions 4.9 Exponentials and Logarithms
4.4 Applications of Integration 4.10 Sigma Notation
4.5 Polynomials 4.11 Counting
4.6 Properties of Trigonometric Functions 4.12 The Binomial Theorem
 4.13 Induction

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