About us

About us

The Numeracy Centre, co-ordinated by Carolyn Kennett, is located in 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14SCOA) 188 and has two major aims:

  1. To improve students’ access to mathematics and numeracy-based courses, such as statistics, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  2. To improve students’ completion rates of mathematics and numeracy-based courses.

In striving to achieve these aims, the Numeracy Centre offers a number of services including a free drop-in service, weekly workshops for some first year courses, bridging programs and preparatory courses at the beginning of each semester and some on-line resources.

The Numeracy Centre is funded by the University through Access and Equity initiatives. It has two permanent members of staff, the Director of the Centre, Carolyn Kennett and a part time lecturer, Dilshara Hill. The Centre also employs a number of casual tutors who work in the centre on a roster basis and also teach some of the workshops.

Casual staff currently employed by the Numeracy Centre are:

  • Ramon Abud Alcala
  • Jim Andrianopoulos
  • Sherwin Bagheri
  • Amir Ebadati Bazkiaei
  • David Gruenewald
  • Joel Couchman
  • Geoff Edington-Cheater
  • Matthew Fernandes
  • Enzo Fujimoto
  • Charles Hadeed
  • Merryn Horrocks
  • Daniel Lombardo
  • Alessandro Maini
  • Simon Macourt
  • Yuki Maehara
  • Adrian Miranda
  • Bala Pasupathy
  • Ali Shariati
  • Manju Thomas
  • Carolyn Taylor
  • Paula Verdugo

Carolyn and Dilshara can be contacted by phone on 9850 8924. The Numeracy Centre phone number is 9850 8797. Alternatively, you can email us at fse.numeracy@mq.edu.au.

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