Our people

Our people

Head of Department

Professor Jim Denier

Academic staff

Name PhoneEmail Location
Jim Denier9850 8956jim.denier@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 603
Xuan Duong 9850 8948xuan.duong@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 729
Vladimir Gaitsgory 9850 8946vladimir.gaitsgory@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 738
Paul Smith 9850 8944paul.smith@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 726
Associate Professors
Michael Batanin 9850 8926michael.batanin@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 706
Steve Lack 9850 8928steve.lack@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 730
Senior Lecturers
Richard Garner 9850 8923richard.garner@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 718
Stuart Hawkins 9850 4177stuart.hawkins@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 722
Ji Li9850 6146ji.li@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 710
Ross Moore 9850 8955ross.moore@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 734
Gerry Myerson 9850 8952gerry.myerson@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 739
Adam Sikora 9850 8919adam.sikora@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 721
Rod Yager 9850 8934rod.yager@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 617
Sophie Calabretto9850 8950sophie.calabretto@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 705
Carolyn Kennett 9850 8924carolyn.kennett@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 711
Christopher Lustri8950 8915christopher.lustri@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 714
Frank Valckenborgh 9850 8945frank.valckenborgh@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 605
Elena Vynogradova 9850 8920elena.vynogradova@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 709
Associate Lecturers
Chris Gordon 9850 8918chris.gordon@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 618
Dilshara Hill 9850 8924dilshara.hill@mq.edu.au 12WW (E7A) 711

Professional staff

Name Phone Email Location
Department Administrator
Christine Hale9850 8947christine.hale@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 608
Teaching and Learning Support Officer
Garry Lawson9850 4175garry.lawson@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 606

Research staff

Name Position Email Location
The Anh Bui Research Fellow the.bui@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 719
Adam Tunney Research Associateadam.tunney@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 707
John BourkeResearch Associatejohn.d.bourke@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 719
Philip HackneyResearch Associatephilip.hackney@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 719

Numeracy Centre staff

Name Phone Email Location
Carolyn Kennett9850 8924carolyn.kennett@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 711
Associate Lecturers
Dilshara Hill9850 8924dilshara.hill@mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 711

Higher Degree Research Students

Name Position Email Location
Ramon Abud Alcala PhD ramon.abud-alcala@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 736
Leon BealePhDleon.beale@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 728
Chuong Hong DoanPhDchuong-hong.doan@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 626
James DolanPhDjames.dolan@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 636
Edoardo LanariPhDedoardo.lanari@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 736
Hardy HulleyPhDhardy.hulley@students.mq.edu.au
Poon LeungPhDpoon.leung@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 728
Daniel LinPhDdaniel.lin@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 611
Audrey MarkowskeiPhDaudrey.markowskei@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 728
Branko NikolicPhDbranko.nikolic@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 626
Alex ParkinsonPhDalex.parkinson@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 636
Charles WalkerPhDcharles.walker@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 611
Florian De LegerMRes (2nd Yr)florian.de-leger@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 732
Martin SagradianMRes (2nd Yr)martin.sagradian@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 732

Türker Topal

MRes (2nd Yr)turker.topal@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 732
Joel CouchmanMRes (2nd Yr)joel.couchman@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 632
Hyeon Tai JungMRes (2nd Yr)hyeon-tai.jung@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 632
Ori Livson MRes (2nd Yr)ori.livson@students.mq.edu.au12WW (E7A) 632

Adjunct and Honorary staff

Name Position Email
Bon Clarke Honorary Associate bon.clarke@mq.edu.au
William Chen Emeritus Professor william.chen@mq.edu.au
Chris Cooper Honorary Fellow christopher.cooper@mq.edu.au
John Corbett Honorary Fellow john.corbett@mq.edu.au
Michael Edgeloe Honorary Fellow michael.edgeloe@mq.edu.au
Kevin Hong Adjunct Professor
John Loxton Emeritus Professor johnloxton@optusnet.com.au
Ross Street Emeritus Professor ross.street@mq.edu.au
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