Current Undergraduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

Teaching List 2017

Undergraduate Units and Teaching Staff can be found here

When do Practicals Start?

When do Classess start in Session 2, 2017?

UnitWeek*Class Type

100 Level (First Year)

COMP111/MAS111Week 1Practical & Tutorial
COMP125Week 1Practical
COMP188Contact Unit Convenor
ISYS100Week 1Practical
ISYS114Week 2Practical

200 Level (First Year)

COMP202Week 1Practical
COMP229Week 1Practical
COMP255Week 2Practical
COMP257Week 1Practical
ISYS200/ITEC600Week 1Workshop
ISYS224Week 2Practical_1 & Practical_2

300 Level (First Year)

COMP329Week 2Practical_1 & Pratical_2
COMP332Week 1Practical
COMP333Week 2Practical
COMP344Week 2Practical
COMP347/ITEC697Week 2Practical
COMP352Contact Unit Convenor
COMP388Week 2Practical
ISYS301/ITEC601Week 2Practical
COMP355/358/ISYS355/358Contact Unit Convenor

E6A Computing Labs Opening Hours

Lab Opening Hours

Access to Labs

  • Computing UG Students who currently have access to E6A110, E6A112, E6A119, E6A121 or E6A123 (but NOT E6A114 or E6A127) will have access to ALL these 5 labs. 
  • E6A114 and E6A127 will continue to have login-room specific restrictions: 
  • E6A127 – access by COMP111/MAS111, COMP352 students 
  • E6A114 – access by 300 level COMP or ISYS units students. 
  • EMC Labs – All ITEC8xx units, INFO843, COMP7xx units and MRes Year 1 students 
  • Note: ITEC6XX units, please use equivalent UG units’ labs

Printing Quota

  • 10 pages per unit per week 
  • Cap at 120 pages for the whole semester
  • Do NOT print any non-computing units material

We welcome continuous feedback from students

The department of computing conduct regular feedback sessions for students. These can be online or through our Liason Meetings

The purpose of the Liason Meeting is to discuss any problems or issues relating to all majors and students. These can range from the simple-to-fix (e.g. the tute room is too small and we have to stand) to the more general issues (e.g. why can’t we learn Java).

Remember that participation in this committee is something that you should be proud to cite on your CV. Indeed, those who become actively involved in this process will receive a letter from the Head of the Computing Department formally thanking them for their contribution and commending their efforts to any prospective employers.

Semester 2, 2017 Liason Meeting Minutes:

*Waiting for Sylvian to send all documents*

To become a representative or if you have any question, simply send an email to your unit convenors or and indicate which degree you are studying. We encourage both male and female students to volunteer.

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