Current Postgraduate Students

Current Postgraduate Students

Current Postgraduate Students

Our unique approach brings together industry experts and active researchers to provide contemporary and world-leading expertise in the following Master programs at Macquarie University.

1. Master of Information Technology degree. In 2019, the specialisations are:

2. Master of Data Science

3. Master of IT ( Cyber Security) new degree,commencement from Session 2, 2019.

Academic Advising

For Postgraduate students needing to seek academic advice please submit a case via the smartsheet here. An academic adviser relevant to your degree/major will be able to assist.

Teaching List 2019

Postgraduate Units and Teaching Staff can be found here

When do Lecture/Practical classes start in 2019S2?

All ITEC8xx level units - classes will start in week 1. For ITEC6xx units, please see here.

Access to Labs

Access to 03 Innovation Road, EMC Building Lab G220 :

During teaching periods (Semester 1 and 2) -

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 8.30pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: closed

Note: The lab is not open during the mid term, semester breaks or the June and November exam periods

Access to UG labs

  • Computing Students who currently have access to 09 Wally's Walk lab 110, lab112, lab119, lab121 or lab123 (but NOT lab114 or lab127) will have access to ALL these 5 labs.
  • Lab 114 and lab 127 will continue to have login-room specific restrictions:
  • Lab127 – access by COMP111/MAS111, COMP352 students
  • Lab114 – access by 300 level COMP or ISYS units students.
  • 03 IR Lab G220 – All ITEC8xx units, INFO843, COMP7xx units and MRes Year 1 students

Note: ITEC6XX units, please use equivalent UG units’ labs

Liaison Meetings

The purpose of the committees is to discuss any problems or issues relating to PG Coursework and MRes units and students. These can range from the simple-to-fix (e.g. the tutorial room is too small) to the more general issues which contribute to the greater success of the unit.

2019 Minutes

Students are also welcome to email the for any issues regarding their PG studies.

Please tell us which topics you would be interested to study: Expression of Interest – Postgraduate Studies

Further Enquiries

Please email

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