FMHHS HDR mentoring program

FMHHS HDR mentoring program

The FMHHS HDR mentoring program connects early career researchers (ECRs) and professional staff with HDR students to support students in achieving their career aspirations. Are you interested?

A mentoring relationship is a personal as well as a professional relationship. Before you join the program, please think about what you wish to gain from the mentoring relationship. Points to consider especially would be your career goals/aspirations – identifying your specific goals may be a goal in itself – and the challenges you would like to focus on. You may wish to approach a person who has the experience and expertise that you need, but also someone you think is likely to get on well with you.

Your mentor will be:

  • your adviser, who is happy to share with you her/his experience and knowledge
  • your supporter, who gives you emotional and moral encouragement
  • your tutor, who gives you specific feedback on your performance
  • your sponsor, as a source of information about, and aid in, obtaining opportunities, and
  • your model of the kind of person you would like to be as an academic scholar.

How to join the program

Step 1. Select up to three preferred mentors from the mentors’ profiles.

Step 2. Fill in the application form and send to Viviana Bong

Step 3. You will be matched with your mentor and notified about assignment.

Step 4. Contact your mentor to arrange the first meeting.

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