We actively partner with industry and government to help keep our research relevant and in tune with modern needs. It is important for us to adapt to market circumstances and provide easy pathways for external partners to engage with us. Our university research reports are not just comprehensive, they're usable in the real world. They go beyond mere statistics to include expert analysis and reliable forecasts.

Excellence in research

In the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA 2015), Macquarie research in:

  • economics was rated at world standard in and is concentrated in applied economics with a strong focus on macroeconomics, financial economics, energy economics and applied econometrics. Key contributions in these areas are in macroeconomic and financial modelling, macroeconomic policy design, superannuation policy and forecasting economic and financial relationships.
  • commerce, management, tourism and services was rated at world standard. Research at Macquarie is focused on four distinctive research clusters: accounting, auditing and accountability; banking, finance and investment; business and management; and marketing. This research takes place in both our faculty and the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).


Macquarie has a long history of research excellence at the intersection of macroeconomics and finance with significant funding from the Australian Research Council. Key projects focus on forecasting financial relationships, modelling systemic risk and on designing investment strategies for people nearing retirement. Closely allied work in energy modelling has produced vital research on market design for climate risk abatement and mitigation.

Accounting, finance, management and marketing

A prime, although not exclusive focus of the research undertaken in our research clusters – accounting, auditing and accountability; banking, finance and investment; business and management; and marketing – is on fundamental, theoretical research that also has practical utility for professionals and external stakeholders. A more recent focus has been on research that addresses evidence-based policy making to assist financial regulators and exchange operators both domestically and internationally.

Strategic research priorities

With our commitment to Macquarie's strategic research priorities. a great deal of our research is focused on prosperous economies, strengthening economic productivity to promote prosperity in our diverse world. Our research centres include: 

Higher degree research

Completing your HDR program with the Faculty of Business and Economics yields benefits that include established industry partners and access to resources such as personal laptops and opportunities to present at our international HDR showcases. HDR candidates must attend the central Commencement Program and our faculty’s Commencement Day.

It's also important you make yourself aware of Macquarie’s reporting requirements, submission guidelines and make the most of the support available to you while you study. Please be aware, PhD candidates must complete a research protocol. Full details about beginning, continuing and completing your higher degree research program is available here.

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Higher degree research enquiries

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