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Current Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the home page for undergraduate students enrolled in a Macquarie Law School LLB. This page has been designed to assist you with things you need to know throughout your degree - what units to study, how many credit points you need, and where to get help.

Don't have the Pre-Requisites? 

If you have not met the pre-requisites for units you wish to study, apply for a waiver on ask.mq.edu.au. Uploading your internal transcript will assist in the assessment of your application.

Application >14cp

If you wish to study more than 14 cps, enrol in your first four units, then bring your internal transcript and completed application form 14+ cp to the Law School. When approved, the fifth unit will be added by Student Services.

Are you interested in adding Law to your Program?

Find out more information about Pre-Law Pathway

People & Planet Requirements for Law Students

For rules regarding People and Planet units, students are referred to the online Handbook entry relevant to the year of last admission into their current degree program. You will find a link to the Handbooks at the top of this page.

Macquarie University Law Society

Find out about how you can be supported by MULS (Macquarie University Law Society).  Be sure to visit the MULS website for information about upcoming events, publications and more ways to get involved.

Accreditation and Careers

For information about accreditation or options for your future career, contact Macquarie Careers.

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