Exam support

Exam support

We've got tips to keep your mind, body and spirit covered during exam season.

Hone your study and exam skills

Don’t be stunned by a question you can’t answer in your exam

Fear not – your favourite academic, Dr Prashan Karunaratne, has some tips on how to fill that blank space in your exam when you don’t think you know the answer.  Download our pdf.


Avoid pancake butt syndrome AND improve your brain performance!

Alex Trebilco from MQSport has 5 tips for keeping your brain in peak performance mode during study sessions.


Dr Prashan Karunaratne shares your top 10 exam horror stories

Dead bodies? Cat videos that give you flashbacks? Here’s your top 10 exam horror stories.


Exam study tips from one of our own!

Alejandro Ortiz, our MBA student, talks you through his top tips for getting the most out of your study sessions - including how to keep your brain working at its peak!.


The Learning Skills Unit exam prep workshops were recorded!!!

Let’s avoid the stress and skip to the final stage!

Need help preparing for online exams but missed our workshops? Don’t worry! We recorded them so you can access them whenever you need to.

Check them out here: macq.it/3cpgeMf

Support your body and spirit

We asked you what your go to study songs are and it is an awesome mix!

So awesome that we created a dedicated Spotify playlist.

Check it out to hear your fellow MQ students' favourite study songs to help get you in the zone for exams!  macq.it/2Xwvdia


Get your 7 Day Wellbeing Action Plan for Exam Success

Access your action plan via the Wellbeing Wheel in our free, SSAF funded, MQWellbeing app.

Get the app


Prep for exams with healthy snack swaps

Feeling snacky during your study sesh? Check out these healthy food swaps that will fuel your brain while you study!

Shout out to the Learning Skills Unit team for these helpful tips.

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