Exam timetables

Exam timetables

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Find information and updates below about examination timetables for end of session/term formal exam periods.


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Exam timetable questions

I have two exams in one day - can I move one of these exams? 

No, if you have two exams scheduled on the same day at different start times - for example, 9.00am and 1.30pm – you cannot move these exams and you are expected to sit both exams as normal.

I need to submit my exam via Turnitin – if my exam is 2 hours in length and the exam window is 2.5 hours, do I need to submit my exam before the end of the 2 hours, or do I need to submit it before the end of the 2.5 hour window?

If you’re required to submit your exam via Turnitin you’ll need to do so before the end of the exam. In this example, you would need to submit your exam before the end of the 2.5 hour exam window. If you have trouble submitting your responses via Turnitin, alternative submissions are available in your unit’s iLearn room - refer to the ‘Exam period assessment’ tab.

I can't make the time/place that my exam is scheduled for as I have family responsibilities, I'm worried about COVID, etc. Do I have any alternatives?

Please chat with us to discuss your situation and note, the University is taking the same precautions for on campus exams as we do for our on campus learning and teaching. Find out how we're keeping you safe during COVID-19.


On campus

  1. Arrive early to the location of your exam. Allow plenty of time for travel.
  2. Bring your Photo ID – it can be your Campus Card or any other type of identification that is in English with your full name, photo and your date of birth.
  3. Bring your stationery kit in a clear plastic bag - pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and other drawing instruments as required by the unit.
  4. Bring water in a clear bottle (no glass). You may be asked to place your bottle under your chair during the exam.
  5. Electronic devices (such a phone, computers, tablets) may be brought into an exam room, but must be switched off and placed under your chair.
  6. Watches – are allowed in the exam room, but they must be removed and placed at the top of the examination table.
  7. Ensure any additional materials (e.g. calculator, translation dictionaries) comply with the stated requirements.
  8. Materials prohibited from examinations include (but are not restricted to) pencil cases, blank paper, note pads, writing paper/pad and electronic recording devices. These should remain in your bag and are to be placed under your desk in your exam room. Please follow the invigilator’s instructions on the day.
  • Try to remain calm
  • Review the exam requirements and ensure you have all the necessary tools/equipment to complete your exam
  • Use this time wisely — make sure you understand the instructions of the assessment and that you have read the questions carefully
  • Plan how you will answer the questions. Find more strategies for exams in StudyWISE
  • Stay focused on what you are doing and ignore the people around you.
  • Drink plenty of water and remember, you’ve got this!
More expert advice

Don’t be stunned by a question you can’t answer in your exam

Fear not – your favourite academic, Dr Prashan Karunaratne, has some tips on how to fill that blank space in your exam when you don’t think you know the answer.


  1. Check your exam timetable and ensure you have the time and the date of your exam(s) scheduled in your calendar.
  2. Read the notes section in the exam timetable to understand what type of exam you are scheduled to take - a time-limited exam or time-limited window exam. Make sure you understand what these mean (link to FAQs).
  3. Check the 'exam period assessment' tab in your iLearn unit to see what exam requirements have been outlined by your lecturer. If the requirements are unclear, please contact your lecturer to clarify before the exam.
  4. If a practice assessment is available within your iLearn unit, please complete it prior to the start of your exams, so you’re familiar with the online assessment environment. You can check with your lecturer if and when a practice assessment will be made available.
  5. Check what requirements you need to complete the exam. Write down a list of what you need and for online exams also check the general guidelines on IT requirements.
  6. Ensure you have the right technology to complete an online assessment (eg. charged computer, mobile phone, stable internet connection, access to your unit in the iLearn page, Microsoft Word available on your computer, anything else your lecturer outlined). If you need help or support, chat with the IT Service Desk or log a OneHelp request.
  7. Some units may require you to access questions, write answers and scan and upload these in iLearn. Please download a free scanning app to prepare for this and practice how they work before your exam: CamscannerMicrosoft Office LensAdobe Scan.
  8. Start revising the content, stay calm and prepare with StudyWISE: Exams.
One hour before your exam
  1. Check your laptop/computer is working well, your battery is fully charged, and your internet connection is stable. Make sure you know where to get help if you run into problems during your exam.
  2. Have your paper and stationery kit ready before the exam starts. Some exams will require paper, calculator, pen and pencils. Check the requirements.
  3. Open the relevant program and be ready to complete your questions – put your StudentID and full name in the header. Remember to save your answers regularly as you work.
  4. Make sure you’re able to access your MQ Student Email and iLearn unit during the exam to receive the exam paper, upload your answers (if applicable) and receive any other notifications relating to the exam on the day.
  5. Find a quiet space for the time of your exam with minimal interruptions and a bottle of water available on your desk.
  6. Ensure your brain is rested, you’ve eaten and ready to succeed!
  7. Find more tips for taking exams online.
  1. Have everything ready to go - bookmark important tabs like IT help, exam error form, online resources (check what's allowed for your exam).
  2. Stay focused by closing other tabs and turning off social media. Give yourself quick breaks throughout to clear your head. Even just a quick stretch and a few deep, calming breaths can help.
  3. Be strategic in the following ways:
    1. Read the instructions and allocate your time carefully
    2. Keep track of how you’re progressing through the exam (what’s left?) - iLearn quizzes often have details of your progress through questions on the right-hand side of your screen
    3. Try to answer every question - even a few notes or workings are better than leaving a question blank
    4. Leave enough time at the end to check your work.
    5. Save your work regularly! Just in case…
  4. Act with integrity - as with face to face exams, follow your exam guidelines. At all times act with honesty, respect exam requirements and take responsibility for your own actions. You can do this by:
    1. Checking your exam instructions about what is/is not acceptable
    2. Consult library resources or class textbooks if your exam guidelines permit it
    3. Include references to any ideas or information that comes from other sources.
  5. Remember the MQ community values of scholarship, integrity and empowerment (Framing of Futures, p.7). Find out more about academic integrity in online exams and please don't:
    1. Copy and paste information into your answers
    2. Get anyone - or any company - to help you answer a problem or write your essay
    3. Help anyone else to complete their online exam.
More expert advice

Don’t be stunned by a question you can’t answer in your exam

Fear not – your favourite academic, Dr Prashan Karunaratne, has some tips on how to fill that blank space in your exam when you don’t think you know the answer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) - During/on exam day

On campus

Exam logistics

Where is my exam/room XXX?

The exam room listed in your individual exam timetable is shown using the street name followed by the room number. For example, an exam held in room 11WW 130 means the building is 11 Wally’s Walk and the room number is 130.

If you have trouble finding your exam room, you can visit Student Connect on Level 2, MUSE Building, 18 Wally’s Walk or use the campus map.

I'm late for my exam, will they still let me in?

If you’re late for an exam, you are not permitted to enter the exam venue after one hour from the time of the commencement (excluding reading time) has elapsed. We have a ‘fit to sit’ policy for exams so you must sit your exam unless you have serious and unavoidable circumstances that may be considered in an application for special consideration.

I've forgotten my calculator, can I borrow one?

Yes, we’ve got Stationery Donation Carts at MUSE and the Library fully stocked with all the exam essentials, including calculators! All we ask is that you return the items to the carts once you’ve finished your exam.

Exam support

I'm not feeling well, what should I do?

If you are unwell or become unwell during the final exam you will need to complete a sickness form. Advise the examination supervisor who will record the case on the Examination Room Report Form in order for you to be able to apply for special consideration, which you'll need to submit as soon as possible.

Macquarie operates under a ‘Fit to Sit’ model, where, in sitting an examination, you are declaring fit to do so.


Exam logistics
I am having an issue with my technology. Who do I contact?

If you have an IT issue such as being unable to access iLearn or upload a document to Turnitin, call IT Service Desk on +61 2 9850 4357.

If you have IT issues during the exam:

1. Contact the IT Service Desk

2. If the issue can’t be resolved by the IT Service Desk please write details of the issue/s you’re experiencing and how long you were affected by it. You may want to take a screenshot of your computer screen demonstrating the issue. This information may be required if you need to submit a special consideration.

I can’t access iLearn and my exam is about to start. What do I do?

Don’t panic. We know this is easier said than done but the University is here to support you, and we recognise that some students may experience technical difficulties at the worst possible time. If the problem:

  • only impacts iLearn or a specific Macquarie system (i.e. if other websites are still working) please contact the IT Service Desk.
  • is with your own computer (e.g. browser crashed) then try restarting the browser, changing to a different browser, or try restarting your computer.
  • appears to be with your own internet connection, try rebooting your internet modem. If that fails, please contact your Internet service provider to assist. Request a ticket number for confirmation.

If the issue can’t be resolved, please write down the details of the issue/s you are experiencing and how long you were affected by it. You may want to take a screenshot or photo of your computer screen demonstrating the issue. This information may be required if you need to submit a special consideration.

I have a question about my exam paper - it looks like there is an error?

If you believe there is an error in your exam such as a grammatical error altering the meaning of the question, or an error in the multiple-choice answers; complete the exam to the best of your ability then submit this Exam Error form.

Exam support
I am unwell - what do I do?

If you or a family member are unwell and you are unable to complete your exam, you should call the MQ Exam hotline - 1800 MQ EXAM (1800 67 39 26) and refer to this important exam info sheet

What is ‘Fit to Sit’? Does the ‘Fit to Sit’ policy still apply to online exams?

We have a ‘Fit to Sit’ policy for exams so you must sit your exam unless you have serious and unavoidable circumstances that may be considered in an application for special consideration. Yes, the ‘Fit to Sit’ policy still applies for online exams so you must sit your exam unless you have serious and unavoidable circumstances.