Exam timetables

Exam timetables

Exams are running as scheduled.

We understand some students may have been impacted by the fire situation.

If you were unable to attend your exam, for this or any other reason, please submit an application for special consideration.

If you require any other support or assistance please contact Student Connect on +61 2 9850 6410 or Student Wellbeing on 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67)

Find information below about examination timetables for end of session formal exam periods.

The Session 2 2019 final exam timetable is now available. Your individual exam seat and room allocation details will be released from 1pm, Wednesday 6 November 2019.

Note:  For supplementary exam timetables, please refer to your Faculty/Department.

North Ryde Building Locations for Exams

The exam room information listed in your individual timetable is shown using the street name followed by the room number.  For example, an exam held in room 11 Wally's Walk - 130 means the building is 11 Wallys Walk and the room number is 130.

Link to campus map

If you need assistance, please contact Student Connect.

Quick Building Reference Table:

4 Western Road (4 WR)P 14W5C
6 Eastern Road (6 ER)Q 22E4B
8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (8 SCO)Q 20E3B
9 Wally's Walk (9 WW)O 22E6A
10 Hadenfeld Ave (10 HA)R 20E3A
11 Wally's Walk (11 WW)S 7Y3A
12 Second Way (12 SW)P 16C5A
14 Eastern Road (14 ER)M 22E8A
14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14 SCO)N 20E7B
17 Wally's Walk (17 WW)O 17C5C
18 Wally's Walk (Conference Rooms)N 16C7A
18 Eastern Road (Events Marquee)K 22N/A
23 Wally's Walk (23 WW)O 14W5A
25a Wally's Walk (25a WW)O 13W6B
27 Wally's Walk (27 WW))O 11W6D – Lotus Theatre
29 Wally's Walk (29 WW)O 11X5B

Bag room locations and operating times

Bag rooms are staffed by members of the Security Office. Don’t leave your personal belongings outside your examination room as thieves are active on campus. All property is left at your risk and the University will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

Important:  The bag rooms open approximately one hour prior to commencement of an exam session.  Allow enough time to deposit your personal belongings as there may be queues prior to exam start times.

Bag Room Location

Operating Dates/Times

14SCO (Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave), Mason Theatre

  • Operating from 12.45pm on Mon 11 November until the end of the exam period.
  • Note:  Mason Theatre is operating for all sessions including evening 5.30pm session starts.

23WW (Wally’s Walk), Price Theatre

  • Operating from 12.45pm on Mon 11 November to Fri 22 November (inclusive).
  • Note:  Price Theatre is operating for morning and afternoon sessions but not for any evening 5.30pm starts.

29WW (Wally’s Walk), T1 Theatre

  • Operating from 12.45pm on Mon 11 November to Thurs 21 November (inclusive).
  • Note:  T1 Theatre is operating for morning and afternoon sessions but not for any evening 5.30pm starts.

Clash Exams

If you have two exams scheduled on the same day with different start times, for example 9.00am and 1.30pm, you cannot move these exams and you are expected to sit both exams as normal.

If you have two exams on the same day that overlap, for example 9.30am and 10am, this is considered a clash. The words 'clash exam' will appear against the applicable units when you log in to check your individual exam timetable.

We will contact you directly to make arrangements, as this only affects a small number of students, but you will be required to sit these exams under ‘clash conditions’. This is where you sit both examinations over the morning and afternoon sessions, remaining under supervision until you have completed both examinations. You may study and have lunch during the break, but you will be supervised throughout.  Please ensure to check your official MQ student email for updates.

MUIC exam timetable - Term 5 2019

The Term 5 2019 exam timetable is now available on the exam timetable page.  To view the entire timetable by unit, select 'MUIC Term 5 2019' in the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the page and then hit 'View entire exam timetable by unit'.  To view your personalised timetable, again select 'MUIC Term 5 2019' in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page and enter your OneID and password and hit the 'Submit' button.

Other institutions sitting exams at Macquarie Uni

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