Exam timetables

Exam timetables

Find information below about examination timetables for end of session formal exam periods.

Due to COVID-19 all  final exams/alternative assessments will be held online.

Exam timetable(s) information/updates:

Update 20/5/20: The exam timetables for students studying MBA Programs and MAF Programs are now ready. For questions, please contact Macquarie Business School.

Update 18/5/20: The exam timetable for students studying in Session 1, 2020 will be released at 1pm. The exam schedule for students studying Term 2 at Macquarie Business School will be published separately and should be available soon.

Update 4/05/20:  We are currently working on the production of the end of Session 1 2020 online exam/alternative assessment schedule.  This schedule will be published on Monday 18 May.

Clash Exams

If you have two exams scheduled on the same day with different start times, for example 9am and 2pm, you cannot move these exams. You are expected to sit both exams as normal.