Exam timetables

Exam timetables

University examination timetables for end of session formal exam periods

Note:  For supplementary exam timetables, please refer to your Faculty/Department

End of session formal exam periods

Session 3 exam timetable will be released from 1pm on Monday 7 January 2019

MUIC exam periods

MUIC Term 6 timetable coming soon

North Ryde Building Locations for Exams

Quick Building Reference Table:

4 Western Road (4WR)W5CP 14
6 Eastern Road (6ER)E4BQ 22
8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (8SCO)E3BQ 20
9 Wallys Wlk (9WW)E6AO 22
10 Macquarie Walk (10MW)E3AR 20
11 Wallys Wlk (11WW)E5AO 20
12 Second Way (12SW)C5AP 16
14 Eastern Road (14 ER)E8AM 22
14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14SCO)E7BN 20
17 Wallys Wlk (17WW)C5CO 17
23 Wallys Wlk (23WW)W5AO 14
25a Wallys Wlk (25aWW)W6BO 13
27 Wallys Wlk (27WW))W6D – Lotus TheatreO 11
29 Wallys Wlk (29WW)X5BO 11

Link to maps

Do you need further information regarding the new wayfinding signage across campus?  Please visit Campus Signage website or contact Student Connect.

Other institutions - Dec 2018

The exam room allocation list (uploaded 7/12/18) is now available. Search for your individual room/seating allocation using your Student ID number.

If you are NOT attending any of your scheduled exams, please email exams@mq.edu.au at least 48-hours prior to your scheduled exam.

Link to Campus Map and transport to Macquarie Uni

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