Exam results

Exam results

Results - 2019

Results are normally issued two weeks after the end of the teaching session. Full details of exam result release dates for all study periods can be found on the Important Dates calendar.

Result release date for Session 3 2018:

Thursday 7 February 2019
via student email account - from 9am
via eStudent - from 12pm

Result release date for Session 1 2019:

Thursday 11 July 2019
via student email account - from 9am
via eStudent - from 3pm

Result release date for Session 2 2019:

Thursday 12 December 2019
via student email account - from 9am
via eStudent - from 3pm

Most results are sent to student email accounts as soon as they become available. You should check your email account on the date of release for your results. Do not worry if they are not there immediately; they are processed in batches to reduce the load on the servers. All available results are sent by email before they are available online.  If you do not receive your results by email, you can log into eStudent from 3pm on the release date and check your results online.

Students with an outstanding debt on their student account will not receive their result(s) by email and will not be able to see them in eStudent.  Ensure that you pay any outstanding fees, including library fines, as soon as possible.

Results will only be released once the payment has cleared.

Check your SPAM folder

Every effort is made to ensure your results arrive to your inbox, however we recommend checking your Spam/Junk folder if you are concerned the email hasn't arrived by 3pm.

If you don't receive advice that you have completed requirements for your nominated award and believe that you have qualified, you should contact AskMQ as soon as possible so that your eligibility to graduate can be confirmed.

Questions about unit result release

If you have any questions about the unit results release process, you can find out more or get some help by visiting Student Connect at 18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE, online at AskMQ or call on 02 9850 6410.


HD - High Distinction


D - Distinction


Cr - Credit


P - Pass


F - Fail


FH - Fail Hurdle


S - Satisfactory


Pass or Fail unit only
FA - Fail Absent


Failed the compulsory attendance component of assessment
I - Incomplete


Unit is incomplete; one or more components of assessment has not been completed/submitted


Unit is incomplete and supplementary assessment has been granted


Enrolment continuing


Result not finalised due to student applying for Special Consideration


Result not yet released due to an unresolved matter


Result awaited from Unit Convenor

Grade appeals

Sometimes you may feel that something, external to your performance, influenced your final result.  If this is the case and you have evidence, then you may wish to consider an appeal - further information is available on the Appeals page.

Academic Progression (and Academic Standing)

Academic progression means maintaining a satisfactory level of academic achievement throughout your studies and completing your course.  Your Academic Progression will determine your Academic Standing.  To find out more about your Academic Standing and where you can get advice, please refer to the Academic Progression page.

Student support

This time of year can be stressful.  If you need support, contact Student Wellbeing.

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