Exams are a key part of your learning journey. They are designed to engage you in the learning process, and we would like to help you perform at your peak.

This page will give you everything you need to prepare for your upcoming exams, from your exam timetable to what is required of you on the day of your exam.

Be informed

  • Get your personalised exam timetable now and understand important dates
  • Do you have a clash (two exams on at the same date and time)? Check our FAQs below and look out for an email from us with instructions on what you need to do
  • Find your exam location. See the campus map or our exam room reference table
  • Do you have questions about reasonable adjustments for your exams? Talk to Student Wellbeing – Level 2, MUSE, 18 Wally’s Walk

Prepare for Exams

  • It's all about balance – a healthy body, mind and spirit will keep you going, so check out the de-stress for success activities below
  • Use our tips and advice for a smooth exam experience

Plan your exam day

De-stress for success activities

These activities are an initiative of the Student Success Network in partnership with the Student Representative Committee (SRC)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Before exams

Who can I talk to about what’s in my exam?

Your lecturer is the best person to tell you what to expect in the exam. They will also tell you what materials you can bring into the exam, or you can refer to our handy checklist.

The University has general rules that will apply to you in every exam you sit. Find out more about the Assessment Policy Schedule 4 Final Examination Requirements.

Where can I study before my exam? 

Macquarie has many places you can use for study purposes either during the day or after hours.

Find more information on study spaces.

Where is my exam? 

The exam room listed in your individual exam timetable is shown using the street name followed by the room number. For example, an exam held in room ‘11 Wally’s Walk – 130’ means the building is 11 Wally’s Walk and the room number is 130.

It’s a good idea to have a look at the campus map before your exam to ensure you can find your way to the exam room. Plan to arrive early in case you have trouble finding it. If you’re really stuck, ask Student Connect on Level 2, MUSE Building, 18 Wally’s Walk.

I have two exams in one day, can I move one of these exams?

If you have two exams scheduled on the same day with different start times, for example 9.00am and 1.30pm, you cannot move these exams and you are expected to sit both exams as normal.

If you have two exams on the same day that overlap, for example 9.30am and 10am, this is considered a clash. The words 'clash exam' will appear against the applicable units when you log in to check your individual exam timetable.

We will contact you directly to make arrangements, as this only affects a small number of students, but you will be required to sit these exams under ‘clash conditions’. This is where you sit both examinations over the morning and afternoon sessions, remaining under supervision until you have completed both examinations. You may study and have lunch during the break, but you will be supervised throughout.

I need a reasonable adjustment, what do I do? 

Applications for reasonable adjustments will be considered in accordance with the University’s Student Disability Support Policy. For more information contact Accessibility services – Student Wellbeing.

On the day

Where is my exam?

The exam room listed in your individual exam timetable is shown using the street name followed by the room number. For example, an exam held in room ‘11 Wally’s Walk – 130’ means the building is 11 Wally’s Walk and the room number is 130.

If you have trouble finding your exam room, you can visit Student Connect on Level 2, MUSE Building, 18 Wally’s Walk or use the campus map.

Where can I leave my belongings during my exam? 

The University offers bag rooms to store your belongings during your exam. These are staffed by Security however, it’s important to note all property is left at your risk and the University will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

A reminder that bags, pencil cases, notes, blank paper, and electronic recording devices cannot be brought into the exam room. Find out what you can bring and what’s not allowed.

Bag rooms open approximately one hour prior to commencement of exam sessions. Allow enough time to deposit your belongings as queues can be long. Find bag room locations here.

I've forgotten my ID, what should I do? 

Don't panic! If you have forgotten to bring your Macquarie University Campus Card, other forms of acceptable photographic ID include a current Australian driver licence (but not a digital driver licence on your device), a current Australian Proof of Identity card or a current passport. Your ID just needs to be in English and have your full name, date of birth and photo.

I'm late for my exam, will they still let me in? 

If you’re late for your exam, you are not permitted to enter the exam venue after one hour has elapsed from the time of the commencement, excluding reading time. We have a ‘Fit to Sit’ policy for exams so you must sit your exam unless you have serious and unavoidable circumstances that may be considered in an application for special consideration.

I'm not feeling well, what should I do?

If you are unwell on the day of the final exam you will need to complete a sickness form. Macquarie operates under a ‘Fit to Sit’ model where, in sitting an examination, you declare yourself fit to do so.

If you become unwell during your exam you must advise the examination supervisor who will record the case on the Examination Room Report Form. This will allow you to apply for special consideration.

I've forgotten my calculator, can I borrow one? 

Yes, we have Stationery Donation Carts at the bag room locations and Level 2, MUSE fully stocked with exam essentials – including calculators! All we ask is that you return the items to the carts once you’ve finished your exam.

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