Enrolment and class registration tips

Here are our top tips to help you with a smooth enrolment and class registration process.


  • Not sure what units to enrol in? Check your study plan first:
  • Does your unit have a pre-requisite? For some units, students must have completed a certain unit or be enrolled in a particular course:
    • Check the Handbook
    • If you don’t meet the pre-requisites you won’t be able to enrol and will need to apply for a “Special Approval Waiver” via AskMQ.
      * Note: if you don't satisfy the listed requirements its likely you are not ready to enrol in this unit, as its designed to be studied later in your course.
  • Not sure how to use eStudent? We’ve developed short videos to help guide you through the process.
  • As a result of Session 1 results, if your Academic Status moves to Conditional Enrolment, to enrol, you will first need to contact your Faculty Student Centre.
  • If you need help planning your enrolment for Session 2 or 3, organise an appointment with your Faculty Academic Adviser sooner rather than later. Don’t leave your enrolment until week 1 or 2 of Session 2!
  • If you want to study more than 4 units this session – don’t forget to apply for Credit Overload. If you are an international student and need to study less than 4 units, you will need to apply for a Reduced Study Load.

Class registration

  • Your class registration date and time will be displayed in eStudent but can also be checked on the Enrolment and Class Registration Dates page. Class registration opens up at 9.30am AEST.
  • To see what classes you can register in, first check eStudent. If there are no classes available, be patient, faculties release new classes during the enrolment period. You may see a difference between Timetable Viewer and eStudent, this is because some of the classes are kept on hold, due to the faculty monitoring unit enrolment numbers or finalising academic teaching arrangements.
  • If you have a timetable clash, please check whether there are alternate classes or other offerings of the unit, e.g. classes at another time of day or evening. During the enrolment period more classes are made available as required. If there is still an issue we suggest you contact your Faculty Student Centre to discuss your options.
  • Need a summary of your enrolments and class timetable? You can generate an “Enrolment and registration advice” from eStudent under the ‘My Enrolment’ tab.

Useful websites and tools


What will I find here?

My Study Plan

(For single degree students)

Single degree students wanting to see their course structure and if the units are available to study in Session 2 or 3 2021.

Double degree students:

Course Handbook

  • Course structure
  • Unit availabilities
  • Unit enrolment rules eg Pre-requisites

Unit Guides

Detailed overview about each unit, including:

  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment requirements
  • How the unit is delivered
  • Topics covered each week
  • Resources required

Generally available about 1 week before start of session.

Timetable viewer

Search when classes are scheduled to run for each unit.

Note: not all options may be available in eStudent, either as they are full, or the faculty has put them On Hold and may release them later in the enrolment period.


  • Enrol into units
  • Register for classes
  • Pay your fees
  • View your results
  • Change your personal contact information


  • Provides answers to some of the common questions students ask. It's worth looking here before contacting Student Connect or your Faculty Student Centre.
  • To submit your own question or issue for the University to answer.


Your online learning space where you’ll find:

  • your subject specific materials and resources.
  • Your unit guide, assessment guide,
  • Unit lecture recordings, reading lists and other study materials
Unit status in iLearn Check when your unit will be available in iLearn.