New to Macquarie?

The following guide will help you enrol in units and register in classes for the first time.

Before you enrol

To get started, we recommend that you review your First Session Enrolment Guide. This will contain a list of the recommended units you should study in your first session at Macquarie.

Don't have a First Session Enrolment Guide?  Visit our Plan your course page.

When choosing units for your first session/year, you will need to consider:

  • the unit level – most students will enrol in 1000 level units for their first year
  • whether you have met the prerequisites
  • the study period the unit is offered in, whether the unit is offered in multiple study periods
  • whether the unit meets your course requirements
  • your unit load and personal commitments (full-time domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students may consider doing 3 units instead of 4 units if they have work commitments).

Tip:  Your course orientation session in O Week will cover important information, so make sure you check your emails in the couple of weeks leading up to session to register.

Enrolling into units

Once you have chosen your unit, enrolment is completed via eStudent.

  1. Log in to eStudent and update your personal details if required.
  2. Click on 'My Enrolment'. If you cannot see this tab, it might be because you have a conditional acceptance (you have some documents pending). It will be activated as soon as you send all documents.
  3. Choose the relevant study plan (course). This is very important if you have multiple offers.
  4. Choose your units. Make sure to check your Course Handbook and our choosing units page to know whether:
    • you have met the prerequisites
    • the unit is offered in the study period you wish to enrol in
    • the unit meets your course requirements.
  5. For each unit you want to choose, click on it and then click on 'enrol'.
  6. Click on 'My Classes'.
  7. Check the class timetables options available and choose the ones you want.

Choose your classes

After viewing the unit location and times on the Macquarie University timetable, visit eStudent to register for your lectures and tutorials.

Enrolment support

eStudent tutorials

If you need help navigating eStudent, watch our eStudent enrolment tutorials:

You may also find the information on our Enrolment Support page helpful.

Enrolment hub

During Weeks 1 and 2 of Session 1 2022, we have a dedicated hub providing enrolment support for new students. The enrolment hub is located on the Ground Floor, 18 Wally's Walk and is open 9am - 5pm.

Contact us

Still have questions? Contact Service Connect.