New to Macquarie?

The following guide will help you enrol in units and register in classes for the first time.

Before you enrol

It is best to complete any mandatory tasks under the ‘My Tasks’ tile on eStudent before enrolling in units.

To get started, we recommend that you review your First Year Enrolment Guide. This will contain a list of the recommended units you should study in your first session at Macquarie.

Don't have a First Year Enrolment Guide? Visit our Plan your course page.

When choosing units for your first session/year, you will need to consider:

  • the unit level – most students will enrol in 1000 level units for their first year
  • whether you have met the prerequisites
  • the study period the unit is offered in, whether the unit is offered in multiple study periods
  • whether the unit meets your course requirements
  • your unit load and personal commitments (full-time domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students may consider doing 3 units instead of 4 units if they have work commitments).

Tip:  Your course orientation session in O Week will cover important information, so make sure you check your emails in the couple of weeks leading up to session to register.

Enrolling into units

You can always refer to your Course Handbook and our choosing units page to know whether:

  • you have met the prerequisites
  • the unit is offered in the study period you wish to enrol in
  • the unit meets your course requirements.

Once you have chosen your unit, enrolment into units can be completed via eStudent. Follow below steps to enrol in units.

  1. Log in to eStudent.
  2. Click on the 'My Study’ tile. This will take you to either the ‘Academic History’ screen or the ‘Manage My Course’ screen of your course.
  3. Select ‘Plan and Enrol’ next to your admitted course. All the units that are available or have been added to your study plan will be listed on the left column as ‘Unscheduled’. This means that a study period has not be selected for the unit. This section also displays unit information such as unit code and name, whether its ‘Core’ or ‘Option’ unit, its credit point worth and any unsatisfied pre-requisites.
  4. Now add a study period, click on ‘Plan a study period’, select year and study period. It will create a new column for that study period, and you can simply drag and drop units from ‘Unscheduled’ column to that study period column. If the drag and drop is successful this means the unit is scheduled for that study period, otherwise a message will pop-up to indicate that the unit is unavailable in that study period.
  5. To complete enrolment for each planned unit for a specific study period, click 'enrol' button at the top right of that study period column.
  6. If you don’t have any pending mandatory tasks, you can simply click ‘confirm’. Otherwise, complete the tasks and then click ‘finish’ button to return to your ‘Plan and Enrol’ screen to finalise your enrolment.

Choose your classes

After viewing the unit location and times on the Macquarie University timetable, visit eStudent to register for your lectures and tutorials.

Enrolment support

eStudent tutorials

If you need help navigating eStudent, watch our eStudent enrolment tutorials:

You may also find the information on our Enrolment Support page helpful.

Contact us

Still have questions? Contact Service Connect.