Class registration for Session 2 2021

All students are now able to register in classes for Session 2 2021.

Due to the escalation of COVID in NSW and the changing guidelines as the situation unfolds, please make sure you are aware of the most recent changes to the way we are delivering teaching in Session 2.

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The delivery of teaching in Session 2 will follow all NSW Government advice and will continue to be assessed as the teaching period progresses.

We acknowledge the effect these changes have on your studies in Session 2 and we are doing everything we can to make sure that the impact to you is minimised. We hope to be able to reactivate all learning and teaching activities on campus as early as it is possible to do so safely and in line with NSW Health guidelines. We appreciate your understanding as we attempt to manage the impact of these changes to your studies.

Your top questions answered

I’ve already registered for some/all of my classes, do I need to change them?

No, you don’t need to change any classes you were already registered in. However, you may want to consider which type of class delivery is best for you by checking our On Campus units and our Online units lists.

I have registered for on-campus classes, however I don’t feel safe. What can I do?

Your safety, and the safety of every member of our community, is very important to us. Please make sure you stay up to date with our COVIDSafe approach as well as information from the NSW Health Department.

However, we understand that you may have concerns about attending campus and want to change your class activities. Refer to Online Units S2 2021 for a list of the units that can be fully completed online ie. with no on campus component.

What health and safety precautions are the University taking?

In Session 2, students and staff will be required to register their entry and exit into all buildings via a NSW Health QR code. This additional step is being taken following guidance from NSW Health to help contact tracing efforts which are so important in managing community transmission of COVID-19.

Additionally, any on campus attendance during Session 2 will require mandatory face mask wearing for all students and staff. All large group lectures will revert to online only. Our position will continue to be reassessed following the guidance from NSW Health.

Can I change my attendance during the session?

Contact your Faculty Student Centre to discuss what options are available.

Will my travel concession be affected if I study online?

To be eligible for NSW Travel Concession you must be a domestic student, enrolled internally in 3 units of more for the session. You can find more information on concession eligibility, on our Transport concession page.

Will I still have to pay SSAF if my classes are online?

The SSAF is charged to students regardless of whether you study on campus or fully online. The SSAF supports students in a number of ways including online services, as many of the SSAF services have been enhanced to enable students to access them online. Check out our SSAF page for more information on the SSAF and the services it funds.

Will lectures still only be available online?

All large group lectures will revert to online only.