Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences

As part of his Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences PACE activity, Chi worked as a researcher at the National Acoustic Laboratories. The organisation works on hearing loss and hearing disorders.

At the National Acoustic Laboratories, Chi evaluated the ‘LiSN and Learn’ program. This training program remediates spatial processing disorder for children, which is the inability to separate sounds by its location/direction. Spatial processing is particularly important for children, as it helps them distinguish speech coming from their teacher or peers in the classroom.

Chi’s task was to research the compatibility of consumer-available headphones with the program’s software, to make the program more accessible. He was involved in testing, analysis of results and writing up a manuscript for the LiSN and Learn program. Chi was given the opportunity to present his findings to a conference at Australian National University as well as meet ministers at the ‘Posters in Parliament’ event at Parliament House, Canberra.

The PACE program marked a significant stepping stone for Chi, as the success of his placement led to multiple research positions within Macquarie University, completing a Master of Research and eventually attaining a Doctorate.

Currently, Chi is an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University, pursuing a Post-Doc position at McGill University and also consults for organisations such as Cochlear and Hear for you.

Continuing with community-based outcomes, Chi is a committee member for the Parents of deaf children, a charity organisation that supports and advocates for families in NSW, and most recently, Chi founded a Science Camp for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children, with plans for future expansion.

When asked for advice for future PACE students, Chi says “Work with people across the whole spectrum. Children, adults, the elderly, people with a disability – be open, receptive and ask questions. You will learn so much”.