SRC Elections and appointments

SRC Elections and appointments

Results of election and appointment for student representatives to Student Representative Committee (April 2019)

For the term of office 14 May 2019 - 13 May 2021

Three Undergraduate Student Representatives

  • Max Gale
  • Jade Quisumbing
  • Daniel Roberts

One Overseas Students Representative

  • Utkarsh Gautam

One Undergraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Arts

  • Emily Ward

One Undergraduate Student Representative from the Macquarie Business School

  • Amanda Tan

One Undergraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Human Sciences

  • Shlomo Bension

One Undergraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Nadya Rykina-Tameeva

One Undergraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Jayden Whaites-Fruitrich

One Postgraduate Student Representative

  • Didhiti Girdhar

One Postgraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Arts

  • Anna Cheng

One Postgraduate Student Representative from the Macquarie Business School

  • Francisco Gutierrez Becerra

One Postgraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Human Sciences

No nominations were received for this position.

One Postgraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Elisabeth Vrazas

One Postgraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Ibrahim Anwar Ahmad Ibrahim

One Student Representative for Women Students

  • Ateka Rajabi

GLBTIQ Student Representative

  • Masumi Parmar

Student Representative For Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Students

  • Neenah Gray

Student Representative for Students with a Disability

  • Marlene Khouzam

Student Representative for Distance Students

  • Alex Cullen

Student Representative from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

  • May Thet Naing

Regional and Remote Student Representative

  • Angus Webber

Two Student Representatives from a Major Student Organisation

  • Georgia Weeden
  • Jarod Cunningham

Selection Panel

In accordance with the SRC Constitution, Schedule 5, a Selection Panel appointed by the Student Experience Committee is responsible for selecting appointed members such as Equity and Diversity and Major Student Organisation representatives to the SRC.

The Selection Panel reviews all applications and assesses the information provided by the candidate in their Candidate Statement against the capability framework shown below. The Selection Panel will shortlist candidates for interview during the election period.

Selection Panel members



Susannah Lynch

Susannah is the Independent Chair of the Student Representative Committee. Ms Lynch is a Macquarie University alumnus who has extensive experience in the governance of Clubs and Societies at the University of Newcastle as well as chairing meetings in a variety of contexts. During her study at Macquarie University, Ms Lynch was a resident at Dunmore Lang College, and participated in several student-led programs, including Orientation, the Annual Year Book, the college musical and chairing the social committee.

Max Gale

Current SRC Undergraduate Student Representative and Assistant Chairperson.

Fiona Reed

Fiona is an Alumnus of Macquarie University having completed a Bachelor of Science and an LLB. Fiona is a past president of Macquarie University Sport and Recreation Ltd and the former SRC Chairperson from 2014 until June 2019.

Fiona has strong professional experience in management, administration and law having acted as the General Counsel and Senior Solicitor for several large financial corporations.

Dr Alisha Sial

Dr Alisha has graduated from Pakistan and is a former Postgraduate Student Representative from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences on the SRC before graduating with MRes from Macquarie in 2016.

Dr Alisha is currently working as a Surgical Trainee at the John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, and has experience as Senior Resident Medical Officer at Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital, Macquarie Hospital and a hospital in Queensland.

Dr Alisha is one of the SRC Selection Panel members since 2016 and has MQ students’ best interest at heart while seeking the right student representatives for the SRC.

Clement Tsang

Clement graduated with an MBA from Macquarie in 2003 and also has a Bachelor of Arts and LLB from the University.

Clement attended Macquarie University from 1993‐2003, and graduated with an MBA, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and LLB. During his time at the University, Clement held elected positions as Vice Chair and Chairperson on the Student's Council, Director of the Student Union as well as executive roles with Clubs and Sports Association.

In 2004, Clement set up the inaugural MQ alumni association in Shanghai and supported the launch of the Beijing chapter, and hosted visits by various MU executives including the then VC Di Yerbury and Registrar Brian Spencer. During these activities, he partnered with Alumni Directors such as Mark Herndon, Kristy White and Hedda Grae.

Clement has a deep fondness for MQ, and his ongoing support through the years reflects his passionate commitment.

Timothy Zhang

Timothy Zhang is a former LGBTIQ Student Representative on the SRC before graduating with Bachelor of Applied Finance with the Degree of Bachelor of Actuarial Studies from Macquarie University in 2016.

Timothy practiced as a graduate Actuary at ANZ Banking Group and now works for Macquarie Bank as a Decision Science Analyst. Timothy specialises in consumer product pricing and portfolio credit risk analytics. He is also a member at the Institute of Actuaries Australia. Whilst studying at Macquarie, Timothy was a participant at PACE International Cambodia Disability project, a graduate from Global Leadership Program, Project Lead and Treasure at Enactus Macquarie and an alumni from the Merit Scholars Program.

Timothy is a strong advocate for equal opportunity for LGBTIQ students, greater gender diversity in STEM and Finance, and international students' employability. While seeking for future SRC candidates, Timothy will ensure a broad representation of gender, socioeconomic experience, academic disciplines, areas of interests and expertise at the Committee.

Capability Framework for Student Representatives

The Capability Framework for Student Representatives is a tool that helps to describe the types of behaviours, skills, qualities, knowledge and experience required for student representatives to perform effectively in their role.

The capability framework consists of four elements:

– Knowledge: What I know

– Experience: What I’ve done

– Competencies: What I can do

– Attributes: Who I am.



  • Basic working knowledge of Macquarie University.
  • Experience building and managing relationships.
  • Working as part of a team.
  • Supporting others.



  • Influence and persuasion: Building commitment by convincing others and winning them over to a particular point of view.
  • Communication: Effectively grasping and conveying ideas and concepts to others.
  • Planning and execution: Managing time and resources to complete tasks and achieve objectives.
  • Analysis and judgement: Evaluating information and data to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Relationship Management: Establishing effective working relationships with other.
  • Interpersonal impact: Making a positive impression on others in a range of interpersonal contexts.
  • Assertiveness: Being willing to openly express ideas and opinions and justify these when questioned.
  • Reliability: Meeting commitments and responsibilities
  • Resilience: Dealing effectively with and recovering quickly from setbacks or pressure
  • Initiative: Identifying opportunities and taking action, on own accord, to address problems and prevent them from reoccurring.
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