Our priorities

Our priorities

In recent years, the SRC has identified several priorities for proposed expenditure above and beyond the current level of University expenditure in the allowable spending areas of the SSAF legislation.

These priorities are:

  • Subsidised or payment by instalments for parking permits;
  • University Legal Service for students;
  • Subsidies for University Games athletes;
  • High level intervarsity sporting competitions that foster spectatorship;
  • Scholarship funding for non-sporting student groups;
  • Childcare after hours (6pm-10pm) and for students who have children older than five years;
  • Increased Wellbeing Support Services for students;
  • Increased Student Group support through resources, communications, systems and funding;
  • Increased social events through a vibrant and engaging student event program; and
  • Funding towards making MUSE more student friendly – soft fittings and minor furniture.

SRC Terms of Reference

The SRC represents students in matters concerning:

  • services and amenities provided by the University for the benefit of the student community;
  • the use of the proceeds from Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF);
  • study and research by the student community;
  • the welfare of the student community; or
  • the overall student experience at the University;

This excludes any matter which does not affect the student community or a cohort of students.

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