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SRC members are elected for two-year terms. To become a member of the SRC you must be a current student of Macquarie.

Additionally, you must:

  • For Coursework individuals, achieve the satisfactory standing required under the Academic Progression Policy
  • For Higher Degree Research individuals, achieve the minimum rate of progress required under the Higher Degree Research Rules
  • be an Australian resident during your first two sessions in office.

You must not:

  • have been convicted during the last two years of Serious Misconduct under the disciplinary procedures of the University
  • be a mentally incapacitated person*
  • have served as a SRC Member, a Senate Student Representative or University Council Student Representative or any combination of any of them, for a period of two years in total during the four-year period preceding the current year or
  • be a fulltime employee of the University or any Controlled Entity

*This provision refers to a person who is subject to compulsory treatment or protection procedures for mentally ill persons under mental health legislation. See section 21(1) of the Interpretation Act 1987 NSW and clause 11.2(c) of the SRC constitution.

For more details, please see the membership section of the SRC Charter.

If you are interested in becoming an SRC member, you can send your nomination to Gail White, Executive Director, Student Engagement and Registrar.

All enquiries regarding elections should be made to the Returning Officer by email to If you are looking to confirm your service as an SRC member for your AHEGS, please contact

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