Join or create a group

Join or create a group

We have a diverse range of student groups and sports clubs at Macquarie.

To create or join a student group you need to sign into MacSync with your Campus ID and have a look at the group directory to find out about existing groups. If you see a group that appeals to you, you can join it and soon connect with Macquarie students who share your passion.

If you don’t see the group that you were looking for, why not create your own, spread the word and get social. 

Don’t forget to check out Macquarie’s wide range of sporting clubs. There’s something to suit any level of fitness, appetite for competition, or just for fun.

Important dates

If you want to create a group, you can apply for affiliation at any time, but applications are only reviewed four times a year. The review months are January, April, June-July and September.

Student group funding

Student groups can make an application for funding. To apply, complete the application form and then email all quotes to Once the funding has been used, you must complete the report form and return any unused money to the Student Group bank account.

Student HQ encourages all student groups to apply and use the MacPay finance system.


Affiliated student groups have access to protections arranged by U@MQ Ltd, as outlined below:

Public Liability

Protects the groups and their members against legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of activities approved as part of their affiliation.

Directors and Officers Liability

Protects the registered authorised representatives of groups against liability arising out of their conduct as representatives (office bearers).

Personal Injury

Provides students enrolled at Macquarie with personal injury insurance whilst participating in activities approved/supported by U@MQ Ltd.

Non-Student Members

Members who are not Macquarie students are not covered for personal injury insurance.

Personal Property

The personal property of the members of groups (including students) is not insured by U@MQ Ltd.

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