Start a new student group

Start a new student group

Can't find a student group to suit you? Looking to start your own?

We know that finding people with similar interests and values are a great way to connect with people and to make friends. Student groups are one way of finding your tribe and the more groups we have showcasing the diversity of the Macquarie student body, the better!

If you've looked around and thought that you have an interest that is not already represented by the existing student groups, why not start your own! The first thing you need to do is find some people who have the same interest and start meeting up. There are lots of places and spaces on campus (and online!) where you can arrange social meet ups and start forming the basis of becoming a student group.

If your student group starts to become more formalised, you might want to consider becoming an affiliated group. Affiliation is the process of becoming associated with the university which comes with certain benefits, such as being able to book classrooms and theatres for student group events, accessing equipment, like BBQs, for social events and fundraisers on Wallys Walk and more!

If you want your student group to be affiliated, certain criteria needs to be fulfilled. Ask yourself the following five questions:

1. Is my student group unique?

Take a look at our list of student groups to ensure your club is not a duplicate of another club. If there is a similar existing group, why not join forces?

2. Has my student group been operating unaffiliated for 3 - 6 months? 

We are here to help you build on the skills required to be a great executive of a student group so if you you have been running your club unaffiliated group for a session or two, it shows us that you understand the commitment and leadership skills required and is a great foundation.

3. Are there 3 current students each undertaking the role of President, Treasurer and Secretary?

These 3 executive roles make up the management committee of each student group, and are compulsory for each student group to have. The executives must be current Macquarie University students. Your student group can have other roles and sub-committees as well but we encourage starting small and then building on top of that when you have enough members!

4. Does my student group have at least a minimum of 20 members?

Your student group should have at least 75% of members are currently enrolled as students at Macquarie University, as this is a group that is for the Macquarie community!

5. Is my student group open to all Macquarie University students?

As an affiliated student group of Macquarie University, all student groups should have their membership open to all students (and staff!).

Did you answer yes to all five of those questions? If you have, you can start your registration to become an affiliated group now or email the Student Engagement team for more information.

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