Residential life

Residential life

New student accommodation Moving away from home is exciting but it can also be a daunting decision. It doesn’t have to be when your new home offers just the right support.

Looking for a reason to move in with us? We’ll give you five.

Fun and convenient

We understand the stress of finding a place to call home, signing a lease, furnishing your home, and managing studies as well. To make it easy, our diverse accommodation options have you completely covered - from food, utility bills, internet access and big furniture items such as your bed, lounge, tables, and fridge.

Imagine getting out of bed and reaching your classes in just a few minutes!

With on campus accommodation options, enjoy living at the heart of the University. Our convenient location offers easy access to the gym, library, computer labs, and the Macquarie University Hospital.

Tip: Had a stressful day and looking for a break? Take a stroll to the Macquarie Shopping Centre with one of your accommodation mates and check out the options!

Experience Sydney

Our supportive network of staff and Residential Advisors will make sure your transition to Sydney is a smooth one. Our social events and activities will help you get to know other residents, find your way around our amazing campus, and enjoy all that the city of Sydney has to offer.

With its sprawling beaches, exquisite wildlife and rich landscapes, Sydney is one of Australia’s best destinations to live in. Don’t be surprised if your weekends are spent on the beach or at a BBQ.

From catching the sunset at the Opera House, or cruising around Darling Harbour, experience life in Sydney with its world-class museums, art galleries, delicious fresh food, and a year-round calendar of exciting festivals.

Tip: Don’t forget to watch the fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Years’ Eve!

Make lifelong connections

Our communities are designed for students to make connections that last.

Living in an inclusive, multi-cultural and respectful community will help you find friends from across the globe. Experiencing new cultures is a key part of living in on campus accommodation.

You might end up learning about a new cuisine, picking up a new language whilst expanding your understanding of the world.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to say Hello, Bonjour, G’Day or Hola to a new resident!

Excel at uni and have a buzzing social calendar

Living with us is more than just renting a room. We offer an unforgettable student experience, and you will make memories that last a lifetime.

We’ve got it all. Study support groups, peer mentoring, friendly Residential Advisors and 24/7 support.  Welcome events, movie nights, trivia competitions, city tours, sports events, and free pizza. Our living options are designed to give you the best of both worlds.

Tip: Make use of academic support services and don’t be afraid to ask if you need help with an assignment.

Transition to independent living

Within our safe and secure environment, you will thrive and gain valuable life skills.

For some students, it’s the little things that will mean the most - help to open a bank account, a friend to take you on your first trip to the grocery store, tips and tricks to budget or an extra pair of hands to set up your room.  For other students, it’s the big things -  wellbeing and mental health support, applying for your first job, or making sure you are safe and happy.  Our on-campus support services will help you every step of the way.

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