Your Bassline is what you want it to be. Somewhere you can plug in, not just to power but also straight into the University's wired internet. Somewhere to have a vigorous debate over the content of your group project, or just find a quiet corner to escape your hectic day for an hour or so. Somewhere to meet with your student club, or eat lunch in the comfort of a bean bag in air-conditioning.

Bassline is a social learning space custom-designed to give Macquarie students a place where the boisterous, social atmosphere of the Campus Hub runs head first into the quiet study nature of the Library. The result is an experimental middle ground - room for individual study to coexist with group work, alongside people who learn in many different ways and at many different decibels.

How to connect in Bassline


Bassline is one of the most connected spots spots on Campus. Not only can you get the standard University WiFi access, but in a Campus-wide first, you can plug directly into the net using a data cable! Instructions on how to use OneNet Wired.


Printers are set up with the standard iPrint system that is used across Campus. iPrint is a simple and consistent experience that lets you print from anywhere connected to the Internet and pickup from anywhere on campus, anytime you like. It's easy to collect your documents, just tap your CampusCard (or other authorised card) at any iPrinter.

Large Flat Screen Monitors

There are many flatscreen monitors around Bassline, ready for you to plug your laptop straight in! The screens are great for group work, or when you want to see something on a big space. All you need is an HDMI port and cable.

Other Amenities

You will find toilets, vending machines, water stations and microwaves in this space.

Room Bookings

Select meeting rooms and spaces in Bassline are now bookable online by current Macquarie University and MUIC students! Using the same booking system as currently used for the library, you can:

  • book any of the rooms highlighted on the map below
  • book the rooms between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, for up to 2 hours a day, up to seven (7) days in advance
  • book the rooms for 1 to up to 20 people, depending on the size of the room (minimum group attendance may apply

In booking these rooms, you agree that you will use the room for your allocated time slot and will vacate the rooms at the appropriate time for other bookings.  The floor plan below shows you the locations and numbers of the rooms.

I agree and wish to make a booking now

1. Log in using your MQ OneID password

2. Click on the Schedule tab to check availability of the rooms and guidelines for use

3. Select a suitable time slot available and make a booking

Bookable Rooms in Bassline

Bassline room bookings are not available to staff - all staff are advised to book casual teaching or meeting space via Web Room Bookings

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