Current residents

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Residents of Herring Road and Dayman apartments

Macquarie accommodation portal

Log in to our new Macquarie Accommodation Portal to:

  • Check your account balance or make a payment for your accommodation
  • Lodge a maintenance request
  • Update your personal details

Accommodation handbook

Refer to the Herring Road accommodation handbook or the Dayman Apartments accommodation handbook for:

  • your responsibilities as a resident
  • the processes we use to manage your accommodation
  • Strata by-laws
  • and lots of other useful information

Read and understand the handbook before contacting the Accommodations Office.

Maintenance request and repairs

Need help fixing something? If you need help to get something fixed, please log into the Macquarie Accommodation Portal to complete an online maintenance request.

Maintenance requests are processed Monday through Friday by our Accommodation Officers and are dealt with on a priority basis. Urgent repairs will be actioned quicker than non-urgent repairs.

Contact us for urgent maintenance requests including:

  • flooding
  • doors not locking
  • broken windows

Under no circumstance are students permitted to repair electrical, plumbing, glass or any other repairs.

Linen pack

If you would like a linen pack for your Herring Road or Dayman Apartments room ready for your arrival then please email the office at before you arrive.

Due to limited availability, we recommend advising us at least 21 days before you arrive.

Linen packs cost $120.00 and include 2 flat sheets, pillow case & pillow, polyester quilt fill & quilt cover and a towel.

How do I get telephone connection?

  • If the previous tenants have connected the telephone line, you will only need to pay a reconnection fee.
  • If the line has not been previously connected, you may might be required to pay the initial connection fee.
  • The telephone line in the common area of your apartment should be shared by all housemates and costs divided appropriately. You should note that the  The Accommodation Office will not be liable for any costs incurred with respect to telephone connections. If you want to set up a telephone connection, here are some options:

How do I get Internet connection?

A wireless network is available for students on campus.

Note - Dayman residents have wireless Internet in the building and just need to set up and purchase an account when they arrive.

If you’d prefer to set up your own Internet connection (i.e. a dial-up connection, broadband connection, an ADSL connection and a wireless connection), you’ll need to arrange this with your Internet service provider


If you want a mobile phone, credit or set up a plan, there are lots of many different types of deals around. Tips:

  • Do your research before you decide to sign a contract
  • Make sure the deal is flexible and cheap
  • Pre-paid mobile phones are also available
  • Ask questions before you buy.

Visit phone service providers at Macquarie Centre or research online:

Setting up a bank account

The university has a National Australia Bank (NAB) located on campus.

Tip: Inform any bank with which you create an account that you are a student as students are generally exempt from monthly service charges and are offered more flexibility with their accounts. 

The Macquarie Shopping Centre has:

Looking for furniture?

If you are looking for furniture, the following are popular choices and at reasonable prices:

Second hand furniture

New furniture

Checking out of your apartment

Before you move out of your apartment:

  1. Your bedroom and common area furniture should be in the same configuration as when you moved in
  2. Your bedroom and common areas are clean and tidy
  3. Return your house keys to the Accommodation Office before 11:00 am on your scheduled check out date or to your residential advisor (contact below) outside of business hours.
  4. Do not leave your keys with a friend.

Residential advisors

Residential Advisors (RA) at each location are available to provide support and pastoral care to residents.

  • Dayman Apartments - (mobile: 0427 858 189)
  • Herring Road Apartments - unit 23 (mobile: 0408 194 051)

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