Action required by Windows users

Action required by Windows users

You have likely heard about the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack in the news over the past week. Wannacry is a large-scale ransomware attack that has caused damage to IT systems in many organisations across the world. The ransomware will encrypt files on a victim’s computer and demand payment to decrypt the file. It spreads mainly through a vulnerability recently discovered in Windows computers.

IT has deployed software updates to the majority of Macquarie-provided Windows computers to fix the vulnerability used by the ransomware. This will protect the computers from current and future attacks that use the vulnerability.

To ensure the update is activated, all staff who use a Macquarie-provided Windows computer should restart their computer today, Friday 19 May, anytime after 10am. In addition, please follow instructions provided by your computer to apply updates if they appear.

For those who are using a Windows computer not provided by Macquarie, it is highly recommended that you run through the Windows update process to ensure the latest updates have been applied. Instructions are available here.

As always, treat emails with attachments and links to files with caution and report suspicious emails to the IT Service Desk by calling 02 9850 HELP (4357) or email

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